914forme New Reader
7/21/15 2:09 p.m.

We have a 1990 Miata that, I just can't get into. Would love to, I have to many other things going on.

I won't say it is rust free, but it is close.

The good: 1994 Torsion Limited Slip, Frame rail stiffeners, 1994 Front Brakes, Newish clutch, No other mods - fairly stock car. Seats are decent, no bolster issues.

The bad Now has a salvage title, Front suspension damage, Front Pass fender damage, Front Pass light damage, Maybe Hood, plastic air trim busted, Top has plastic rear window, and is cracked yellowed etc.... HLA lifter noise - that I could never get rid of.

The mixed: Stock 14s on crappy yokos TRMotorsport C1M wheels 15" 13.6 pounds with General Tires UHP, wheels have some scrapes as I could not keep my daughter from cutting corners. Hitting a curb is not hitting the apex of a corner!! An extra set of General UHP tires

All of this for $800. Bring a trailer as it rolls and I think drives, not safe for road use!!! Have not tried to start it since the accident. Located Just north of Dayton, Ohio, easy access to I-70 and I-75

Photos  photo IMG_1525_zpstfg4jjgz.jpg  photo IMG_1526_zpslbj0qo9a.jpg

 photo IMG_1527_zpsjw9tnn7q.jpg

 photo IMG_1528_zpsimj25qeb.jpg

 photo IMG_1529_zpsrqlfie7k.jpg

 photo IMG_1530_zpseb9mvqnp.jpg

 photo IMG_1531_zpsx32ipval.jpg  photo IMG_1534_zpsgjeg76u2.jpg photo IMG_1535_zpsqcwvtjjg.jpg  photo IMG_1536_zps0bj320lu.jpg  photo IMG_1537_zpsoqu2r1e3.jpg  photo IMG_1538_zpsvh6txejs.jpg  photo IMG_1539_zpsfcci0kbc.jpg  photo IMG_1540_zps0nasppfe.jpg  photo IMG_1542_zpsj60nrw0p.jpg  photo IMG_1543_zpsvhdewzue.jpg  photo IMG_1544_zpsckbcimei.jpg  photo IMG_1545_zpsbcndbt9u.jpg  photo IMG_1547_zpspv33zyj9.jpg  photo IMG_1548_zpsrg4ia5kl.jpg  photo IMG_1549_zpsztxut4cm.jpg  photo IMG_1551_zpszvbmrgbs.jpg  photo IMG_1583_zpszko4kbfx.jpg

7/22/15 8:11 a.m.

Hi I'm in Pittsburgh and interested in more info on the damage and some pics of the interior. Thanks, Dave

914forme New Reader
7/22/15 3:07 p.m.

Dave, I'll send you what ever you want to see. So what pictures would you like to see added? Need more shots of the damage, okay not an issue, i'll try and post them up tonight. Interior, also not an issue, I will tell you I have the top just sitting in it, you can see it on the shop floor in some of the shots. Swapped the tops between this car and my fathers 1994 M edition.

914forme New Reader
7/22/15 5:20 p.m.

Okay here we go:

Found these Miata Tow Hooks - can't remember who I got them from but they are included.

 photo IMG_1594_zpsrhc59ue0.jpg

Rear Windscreen, also have the storage bag for it.

 photo IMG_1595_zpsdnv5qcem.jpg

Trunk full of trim panels, and front flip license plate holder:  photo IMG_1599_zpskzmanrsb.jpg

Interior Shots: Guys at impound lot must have thought I would not buy it back as they started to take the radio out. Busted the face.

Good gauge hood Steering wheel wore in all the normal places.  photo IMG_1600_zps6utgfbox.jpg

Center console removed, and as you can see the stereo is out.

 photo IMG_1602_zps4ze9nhbq.jpg

Bits and pieces tossed into the pass floor after the wreck.

 photo IMG_1603_zpskhtilxg4.jpg

Pass Seat and inner door panel

 photo IMG_1604_zpsyptpuyln.jpg

Drivers Door Panel  photo IMG_1605_zpseydgobft.jpg

Lovely Stereo, and under pocket  photo IMG_1607_zpsisuhvsti.jpg

 photo IMG_1608_zpsfvwlsh2s.jpg

Tear in Pass Seat back side

 photo IMG_1642_zpsunx9dmne.jpg

Damage  photo IMG_1611_zpse9udjcu3.jpg

 photo IMG_1612_zpsteo5w6dq.jpg

Shot used to show rad support in good shape  photo IMG_1613_zpsvspdh4ps.jpg

 photo IMG_1614_zps3ufftetn.jpg

 photo IMG_1615_zpscucs1gwt.jpg

 photo IMG_1616_zpsbcxopyi0.jpg

 photo IMG_1617_zpsm3vpj0ss.jpg

 photo IMG_1618_zpswvd5igf0.jpg

 photo IMG_1619_zpsin22brjg.jpg

 photo IMG_1622_zpswqen7yca.jpg

Under headlight, tube is for the air horn  photo IMG_1623_zpsrpypgqkn.jpg

Drivers Side Under headlight bucket for reference

 photo IMG_1624_zpssoyybihg.jpg

 photo IMG_1625_zps2pc96eyp.jpg

 photo IMG_1626_zpsrgineqfp.jpg

 photo IMG_1627_zpsgfcguftl.jpg

914forme New Reader
7/22/15 5:26 p.m.

Pass suspension Looks good but I don't think I ran that much toe out.  photo IMG_1628_zpsvftqlzib.jpg

 photo IMG_1631_zpsxecwao3r.jpg

 photo IMG_1634_zpstymerrpe.jpg

 photo IMG_1635_zpsvgcfunsb.jpg

 photo IMG_1636_zpszzohg6ap.jpg

 photo IMG_1637_zpsv7wnkjoh.jpg

 photo IMG_1638_zpszruj2leb.jpg

 photo IMG_1640_zpsaag3nc2y.jpg

Let me know what other pictures might be needed.

Dave_pa New Reader
7/23/15 10:02 a.m.

Thanks A TON for the extra pictures. I'm still interested in more. can you email me at dAvidbentz (AT) gmail (dOt CoM)

Thanks, Dave

914forme New Reader
7/23/15 1:51 p.m.

E-mail sent to your very cryptic e-mail address

914forme New Reader
7/25/15 6:30 p.m.

Price reduced to $800, if nobody wants it now, and gets it out of here before next weekend, I'm going to send it to the clapper, on August 1st, 2015. Taking up space in the shop, I need that space to get some other stuff done.

RandyS Reader
7/26/15 1:32 p.m.

I have fixed way worse. That is an easy 2-3 hr job. Great buy for someone handy and has a fender and lower control arm laying around.

artur1808 GRM+ Memberand New Reader
7/27/15 7:24 p.m.

Email sent

pizzaman1 New Reader
7/31/15 6:43 a.m.

If my canton area deal falls through I'm definitely interested ,I leave in canton,should know today

914forme New Reader
8/1/15 7:00 p.m.

Car has sold,

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