9/19/10 1:26 p.m.

I hate to sign up just to post an ad, but I've had more than one GRM member suggest I post the car here.

Car is located in Lubbock, TX. If any more information is needed please post or email me at makenzie71 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Forgive me if the listing here is a bit "jumpy"'s a compilation of about four different ads. I kept finding things that needed to be listed and had to redo my some things are repeated.

1991 Mazda RX-7 $1600 113000 TX

The car is located in Lubbock, TX. A phone number can be provided via email or PM. I am asking $1600.00 but am quite flexible, and I am open to trading for a Gen 2 Suzuki Bandit 1200.

Red/Black. Power windows. Sunroof. 5spd transmission.

The car is mechanically sound. Starts every time. I have done the following less than 1000 miles ago:

Oil change Tranny service Rear end service Fuel filter Bake fluid flush Clutch fluid flush Power steering system flush Cooling system flush 4-piston TII brakes up front 16X7 Speedline wheels, NEW 225/50 Capitol tires Drop-in Uni-Mesh universal filter element

The engine was allegedly changed at 90k by a local shop. I have a receipt for the work, but the shop is no longer in business. They screwed up the passenger side motor mounts, though, and I was forced to drill the holes out a size bigger to repair the damage.

The nasty:

Front bumper is cracked Passenger side fender is damaged at front ~I have rolled the fender back out and braced the bumper to where it's at least intact, but still tacky Passenger side mirror is gone (replaced both mirrors with generic pieces, still have stock driver's) Paint is faded and peeling here and there Driver's seat bolster is torn...badly...duct taped together Dash was cracked so badly that it was disintegrating...had to strip most of the vinyl off ^Dash vents and idiot light surround were too far deteriorated to save Window motors are functional but weak Some tinting glue is still on the hatch (no tint all around) Cruise control does not work Tachometer does not work Oil pressure gauge does not work (needs sending unit...I have confirmed this) She will need a front end alignment One of the tail lights has been damaged...PO tried to separate lens for whatever reason No radio, but has harness adapter AC compressor is locked up...but the system is clean and solid

The misc. decent stuff:

Steering is tight Suspension is tight Exhaust is stock, intact NO RUST! Clear Texas Title!

The picture of the engine bay is incomplete. There is a fan and shroud for the motor and they are typically run. They were not installed for the picture as I had them out to do some cleaning and maintenance.

The wires dangling under the driver's side dash are for an aftermarket oil pressure sensor. I have it there to check oil pressure on occasion, but have intended to replace the stock sender eventually so that the stock gauge can be used.

In my opinion, the dash is the worst part of the car. I have not had the time to hunt down a replacement locally. I can usually find them online but can not really afford shipping one, personally. If the buyer would like to cover the expense, or can source a replacement dash on their own, I will gladly do the work to replace it for free...if you haven't done it before, it can be a tricky process.

This is my fifth 2nd Generation RX-7 and it has been one of my favorites to drive. I had big plans for her but am selling now due being provided with company-funded transportation...and I believe that all my spare driving time will be spent toting the family around in the family car, or on my bike.

It's a very sound car, mechanically...lots of updates...but needs a lot aesthetically. There's quite a few little things I know I'm still forgetting to list...but I've done my best. I need to get her sold so I can go get my Bandit! Or throw some serious cash at my or the this point I don't care which!

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