alex Dork
9/10/10 9:02 a.m.

Why it only occurred to me just now to post this on here, I can't imagine. Anyway, here's my CL ad.

And here's a link to more pictures which I forgot to include in said CL ad:

I'm still trying to find some cheap steel wheels for the rear so it's easier to roll around. (5 on 5 15x7s fit, if you have any lying around.) With back tires that hold air, this thing will be a (relative) breeze to load up, especially on a trailer with a winch.

I was planning to drag this to TN this weekend to sell, but that plan seems to be disintegrating. If you can't haul it, I can, but I'd rather not if I can avoid it. I've had some local interest, but who knows how serious they are, and I'd rather it go to a GRMer anyway.

And I really need it to go soon, since I need its slot in the garage to work on our DD's. Reasonable offers considered for folks I 'know' on the boards, but I've already got it priced at my break-even point.

Happy to answer any questions.

JThw8 SuperDork
9/10/10 10:45 a.m.

In reply to alex:

Im pretty sure I've got some 5x5 steelies sitting around here. That is if someone else needs them...Im having terrible thoughts about this car but have neither the time nor money.

alex Dork
9/10/10 11:25 a.m.

This is the thing I planned to dump my free 460 into, which probably would have succeeded in killing me in very short order.

Of course, I kept going back to the idea of getting a cheap XJ-S, dropping the 460 into that and running the V-12 in the '31.

It really pains me to sell this thing. Just having it in my garage makes me cooler. But I have to admit to myself that despite all my daydreams, I don't have the means to make it happen. I sure hope somebody here buys it so I can live vicariously through the build.

redzcstandardhatch Reader
9/11/10 7:33 a.m.

oh crap...where was this 5 months ago!

if you'd take payments...i'd pick it up in a month. seriously. 708 269 5646 (adam) if you cant sell it any other way..... MAN I WANT IT


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