924guy Dork
3/11/12 9:53 a.m.

the short: 1978 porsche 924 2.0 115 hp, 4 spd manual upgrades with 5 lug 944 brakes and suspension. needs completion and some trouble shooting. comes with some spares: $ 900.00 obo

The Long:

Unemployment forces sale, Im offering my 78 n/a almost a challenge car. Located in SE FL, USA 34983 it will need to be trailered.

I have owned since the early 90's, not currently running but did start less than 1 year ago. I was working towards building it as a grm challenge car, but loss of employment, to many projects, and other hardship have dented all such plans.

partially refurbed over the past two-three years, including 5 lug brake/suspension swap, rebuilt alternator, starter, allot of basic clean up. still needs front sway bar mounts welded up, and full alignment, some electrical trouble shooting. will throw in the full set plus extras of the original 4 lug suspension including 5 4 lug stock wheels, a set of 924s logo seats (need recover but have some extra material) a rebuild able spare head, and some other spares. car will come with two 15" cookie cutters and will provide wheels to get on the trailer or bring two of your own 5x130, worst case i might be able to work out a set of 16" wheels. lts more than a weekend project, will need some body work , including some rust removal , and some mechanical work but still has a lot of life in her! bbs wheels and "flares" in some of the pictures are not included. Creating BadAssery!, Huge BBS ra1's, Hood painted black, and a mock up of fender flares (front) and 931 side moldings.

I would "like" to get $900 , and can hold for awhile if needed with full payment in advance. car is currently garaged. and again, CAN NOT BE DRIVEN, needs alignment, antisway bar, electrical trouble shooting, and testing of the brake system before it will go . it is an a fairly easy build for a great auto crosser or low powered challenge car, even a daily driver with a bit more attention. e mail at my2porsche AT yahoo.

corytate Dork
3/11/12 1:15 p.m.

damn i saw those bbs and thought "its worth that price just for the wheels) lol
still, its a very good price for that

924guy Dork
3/12/12 8:00 p.m.

In reply to corytate: It took me a LONG time to find those wheels, they will live on my 924 Turbo ;)

I am open to offers on the 924, I am over whelmed, under financed and unemployed, but still hate the idea of ebaying it ...

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