Red_Wedge None
8/18/12 7:45 p.m.

Hey all,

The "Red Wedge" is for sale. West Las Vegas. NEEDS TIMING BELT (snapped, 4AGE is non-interference engine) so you'll need to bring a trailer. $700 cash but I'm willing to negotiate. Feel free to post questions here, or PM me if interested :) scgood7 @ yahoo dot com


  • 1986 MR2 N/A, 5-spd, 27/33 mpg
  • Stock + tasteful upgrades, never raced
  • Excellent interior - non smoker, ALL pieces present, only flaw - IP cover has crack
  • Rear struts retrofitted w/ roll bar tabs + roll bar (needs drop links)
  • Front strut brace
  • Awesome two-tone adjustable sport seats ('86 optional equip.)
  • Magnaflow exhaust
  • Stripped fr/trunk trim and AC unit, good if you are thinking autoX
  • New battery this year

  • BONUS: spare C-panel trim w/ speakers from 87+ MR2, Haynes guide, aftermarket Sony CD player aux-in capable, record of work I've done since purchased in 2004, nearly full gas tank, GRM sticker in the rear window :)

  • NOTE 1: Odometer is incorrect (107k) - add about 15k miles, speedo cable broke back in '05 and it took me about a year or so to get it fixed

  • NOTE 2: I just moved to Vegas this summer and car has NH plates/reg. NH doesn't issue titles to vehicles older than 15 y.o. I discussed this w/ Nevada's DMV title division and I have the necessary documentation to register a vehicle in NV: bill of sale, most recent registration, official rejection letter from NH stating why a title will not be issued, NH letter stating their title laws. All are under my father's name (I was a dependent when the car was purchased), and all four docs WILL allow you to register in NV/other states

  • NOTE 3: Originally a New England car. Undercoated underbelly, but it has (common) MR2 rust on rear 1/4 panels.

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