Javelin GRM+ Memberand SuperDork
9/22/10 1:22 p.m.

Okay fellas, I sold the P71 (I know, horror of horrors) to ThunderCougarFalconGoat, who is moving to Tampa, FL. He is flying in tonight for my wedding this weekend and then driving from Vancouver, WA to Daytona, FL (delivering an AMC engine to my dad).

So, this means we have a ton of space open for more parts, and can conceivably deliver almost anywhere for the cost of food (John like fried chicken or bacon burgers). So you Challenge builders and RX-7 rotorheads, listen up:

14x6 Hayashi Racing Street II wheels (4-spoke, polished lip, very lightweight) with nearly new Barum Bravarius tires (195/60/14). Set of 4, all nice, 4x110. $250 for the wheels, $250 for the tires, will not seperate. Wheels are as-cast so you can paint and polish to your taste (though Gold spokes FTW).

13" Cragar 4-spokers. We have 2 13x10? (really flipping wide, stick out of the 1/4's) that would be perfect for drag slicks. Junk tires. $100 for the pair. There's a matching front (13x7?) also with a junk tire for $25. They all have really shiney polished lips and white painted spokes. UNI-LUG for all 4-bolts!

Sidedraft 2Bbl Mikuni carburetor (with velocity stacks and a big reusable filter) mounted on an individual-runner aluminum intake (looks like a Racing Beat unit, but no markings) with a broken mounting ear (can be repaired pretty easily). Comes with fule line, linkage, etc. Fix the intake, buy a gasjet, and bolt on instant serious 12A horsepower. Sits the carb right where the rat's nest would be so the filter is dead center in the hood for your functional hoodscoop. We'd like $400 for the whole she-bang (the dang Mikuni alone goes for that much on flea-bay).

FB RX-7 5-Speed manual, worked great, $50

79-83 Dashboard in brown, crack free - $50

83? gauge cluster (from a GSL), worked - $25

Misc 83 interior parts (brown) and drivers seat (red GSL) like under dash plastics, seatbelts, center stack, switchgear, etc - $50 for everything

Wiper-free rear hatch (79-85) with working defrost, $25.

GSL-SE front uprights (complete) with calipers and brackets. Missing one dust shield and rotors. Can also be used as "big bearing" 4x110 setup with 84-85 GSL rotors. Also a pair of adjustable Tokico Illumina shocks for the rear and GSL springs. $150 for everything. There's your suspension.

Set of 81-85 taillights and center panel, all nice, $50 for all.

Other crap I can't remember.

The car leaves SUNDAY 9/26 and all parts must be purchased by FRIDAY 9/24 if you want to actually get them! Can deliver to Florida (or anywhere easily in-between Washington and there) for the cost of a meal!

Prices negotiable as time is short. Have PayPal.

Javelin GRM+ Memberand SuperDork
9/23/10 7:58 a.m.


Nobody? Prices too high? Make an offer!

mndsm Dork
9/23/10 8:14 a.m.

I crossposted this to the MNMazda board. We have a bunch of rotor nerds there, and I suspect the Hayashis might end up with one of them. Hell, I might buy the Hayashis... at least assuming MN counts as in between WA and FL.

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