klodkrawler05 Reader
5/23/19 7:53 a.m.


I've begun to acquire parts for my first challenge build (build thread coming as soon as I have something interesting to show) and had a question about how to value parts.

In this instance an engine. Per the book of faces I found this for sale post: 

If a lowball offer was accepted of $1200 for everything listed above how does one value each part?

Can the receipt from the seller list out items indiviudally like so:

Cooling system overhaul $450

Clutch $300

M50 Manifold kit $170

Powersteering Pump $100

Alternator $100

S52 engine $80

Total $1200

And then if the receipt as above is acceptable, assuming the only piece used from above list is the engine itself (reusing the accessories and cooling system from the challenge car itself)

Do I include all $1200 worth on the budget sheet and sell off the parts to recoup value

or as the rules state do I "Leave this unrelated transaction out of your budget sheet entirely." and only list the $80 budget hit for the engine itself?

Thank you for any insight you can provide!



Patrick MegaDork
5/23/19 9:32 a.m.

Given an itemized receipt with prices per item, I would say they are all separate transactions that were paid for at the same time, thus everything you do not use is an unrelated transaction to be left out of the spreadsheet entirely.

if your receipt says “horde of e36 parts including x y z a b engine c d e f g h $1200” then your $1200 is the starting number on your sheet and any unused items could be sold towards recoup of $1000 of the $1200, therefore effectively making your $80 engine cost $200 in budget if you could sell off $1000 of other.

i will put this here.  Document everything you buy.  Itemize as much as possible.  Even if you think “i’ll never use this in a challenge build” you’ll be surprised and happy in 2025 when you go to the shelf for challenge parts and there’s a receipt in the outlet of that $800 turbo you scored at the swap meet for $100.  

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