5/27/08 4:47 p.m.

I just finished up my BP swap on my 323, so I've got my daily driver duties covered. In light of this, the Altima is going up for sale.

Quick details; 1997 Nissan Altima SE 5 Speed manual transmission 286,000km Served as daily driver for past 4 years. Never left me stranded. $1200 OBO.

Comes with; 4 x 15" alloy factory rims 4 x 15" black steelies for winter tires Spare motor and trans to rebuild (have been sitting under a tarp for two years with no valve cover, so most cleanup will be needed) Misc. spares (rear spindles/hubs, etc)

Recently replaced; Both front lower control arms Both front shocks (GR2's) Both front coil springs (new OEM SE springs) Both front and rear brakes (calipers, rotors, pads) Starter (actually, I replaced it at 130,000km and at about 265,000km) Clutch at ~230,000km (throwout bearing is whirring now)

Been daily driving this since January 2004. I purchased it at 120,000km for the purpose of driving to college and back. After four years of driving back and forth, it's been replaced by my newest project/beater. Oil changes (almost always synthetic) every 4000-5000km. Tons of receipts.

Known issues: Throwout bearing is whirring Exhaust leaks Slow leak out of driver's side output shaft seal on tranny (add some 75w90 every week or so). Haven't bothered to replace since 323 has taken over driver duties.

I don't have a lot of photos of it, but here's some various shots from over the years of ownership.

New rear brakes last July;

It's seen a couple autocrosses. It's not bad for a land barge.

Shoot me an email if interested. or PM me.$1200 OBO.


By the way, here's the 323 that replaced it. :cool: 1.8 DOHC BP spinning the front wheels to doom.

Jay HalfDork
5/28/08 12:32 p.m.

Does it come with the Dukes of Hazzard soundtrack? :grin:


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