autoxfil New Reader
9/10/09 2:08 p.m.

Sale pending.

Included: +4 frame, totally sweet build table, all the 1.6L Miata parts you need for the project, Torsen rear, two driveshafts, fuel cell, and a bunch of fairly expensive hardware - some good rod-ends and bolts for the suspension, the correct Beetle tie-rod ends that mate with the Miata uprights and the 18mm tap for them, etc.

What you'll need: seats, pedals, steering wheel, fuel pump, coilovers, radiator, body.

I do have the VIN plate and title for the Miata, which had 187k on it. I drove it 5 hours home from Washington DC and it felt very snappy - this was my first 1.6L car, and I was very impressed with the power.

Link to build thread:

Sad story: My time/money balance has flipped 180º since I started this project, and my tastes have changed as well. The bigger factor is that in a few years I'm moving to a farm in the country, and would never be able to get a Locost up and down the dirt road. Basically, I have no use and little desire for the finished product.

I've been hesitant to ditch the project because I enjoyed working on it up to this point, but lately I've realized that getting to this part was such huge fun that I'd have no problem doing it all again! I'm also afraid that if I stick it in a barn it'll get ruined, so I'd much rather see someone finish it up.

If you want to skip the cutting/welding and parts-gathering portions of the build, this will get you a massive jump forward on the project. I designed the frame so you can get the engine and tranny in and out easily after it's done, and I'm very proud of the motor mounts. The legroom is phenomenal on the driver's side for a 7 clone, and the weight balance should be great since the engine is very far back and shifted to the right a little bit. The rear of the frame is beefed up with track use in mind, so with the proper rollcage this will be a very safe Locost.

I think the price is more than fair at $2000 - you could part out this build and make money on it. The Torsen swap alone is worth nearly a grand!

Located in Montrose, PA (18801, between Binghamton NY and Scranton, PA), I can deliver it to pretty much anywhere in the Northeast US for $0.25/mile (total mileage, my gas and coffee costs).

I'll trade for the right .50 BMG, sheep hunt, 914 or Beetle project, Wrangler, or S50/S52 engine/tranny.

filmaynard (at) g m a i l .com

or 607.206.5 niner niner 5

wcelliot Reader
9/20/09 1:33 p.m.

Sale closed and the project (extremely accurately described) is resting comfortably in my garage. I'm in over my head (from both an available time and necessary skills aspect but trust I'll develop more of the latter as I can find a little of the former).

Phil could not have been more honest nor more helpful!

A couple of hours spent chatting with another real enthusiast is indeed an enjoyable way to spend a sunny afternoon!

Thanks again!! Bill

autoxfil New Reader
9/20/09 7:37 p.m.

Thank you , Bill, I'm glad it's going to live with a real enthusiast.

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