12/1/09 9:50 a.m.

I have a never used Vibrant High-Flow Metal Substrate (read: high-temp, vibration resistant, high flowing) 3" catalytic converter. It has 3" 304SS stubs welded onto it but never used. It does have a small smooth flat spot I pressed into it to make it around a chassis member. It is still completely functional and does not leak.

New Price: $129.99 + SH , Asking $90 shipped.

Also have two used Turbo XS 3" 304SS flanges. Nice and thick. The both have 304SS stubs welded on, one has an O2 bung welded into the stub.

New Price: $20ea + SH / Asking $20 shipped for both.

Everything for $110 shipped.

Someone could easily build their own downpipe or mid-pipe with these.

I can supply photos on request but it's just stainless flanges and cat with some piping. Everything is pretty clean and is definitely in great working order.

Reason for selling: Don't have time to fab up what I wanted right now.

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