dan0 New Reader
10/18/14 12:35 p.m.

I parted out a 1999 New Beetle and have a couple things left I need to get rid of. Located in Torrington CT

Some misc. interior bits I'll probably keep for another year and throw out because no one wants them...

Then the better stuff.

-The entire vehicle harness (minus a couple grounds, maybe a broken connector or two) I cut parts of the car to get this out in one piece. Great if you have a mk4 Volkswagen or need to replace some wiring. - ECU for 2.0l manual transmission

  • Engine 2.0L AEG engine code, 180k miles ran well, removed the front accessory bracket and accessories.
  • 02J 5 speed transaxle
  • Front steering knuckles, discs, axle shafts (L+R)
  • Rear axle beam complete
  • seats

Hoping someone will need/want some of this stuff. Shoot me some offers.

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