RoadRaceJim None
11/30/09 7:38 p.m.

I have a Mazda RX7 (First Gen) that was an ITA car and is now taking up space where I should have a new proejct. I am not sure if the car would make a better $2010 challenge or SCCA ITA / IT7 race car. Do both. Do neither, just buy the car!

I am looking for $1,200 for the chassis. The car was caged by Kearney Racing. They do good cage work and I think the cage is well done. I have the SCCA logbook and a title for this car. I have not had the title signed over to my name, but I do not think that should be too hard.

The good: Panhard bar rear suspension Heim jointed rear bar - looks pretty trick Big front sway bar (I think Racing Beat) Fuel cell and Holley fuel pump Racing shocks (do not remember the brand - I think Koni's) Coil over front springs Racing springs (I do not know the rates, but they look like typical IT7 road race units) Braided stainless lines Hawk brake pads Fire extinguisher Custom electrical switch panel Window net Electrical kill switch Long tube header and Exhaust 4.88 rear gear with limited slip MSD Boxes and Coils I know the list above would cost more than $1200 for the parts. I know that the Kearneys charge more than $2,500 for a cage. Lots of good stuff

If needed I have spare car (missing transmission, but does include a blown motor) that can be included.

The bad: I pulled most of the engine bay apart in February of this year. My plan was to redo the car and make basically the ultimate ITA /IT7 car. Obviously my plans have changed. This means that most of the brackets and gubbins from under the hood are in boxes.

The car was driven into a tire wall by the previous owner. It looks like the damage was to the front bumper cover, fenders, header panel, ps door and one dimple on the rear ps quarter. I have replacement parts for the fenders, header panel and ps door. I did not see any frame damage. I was going to race it as is (with the new panels painted).

I put the motor and trans in my other IT7 car, so this car does not have a motor and trans. If you are doing the 2010 challenge, get a small block V8 and drop it in. If you are going SCCA racing, they might get a bit snippy of you tried that trick.

Send an email and I will send some pictures / answer any questions.

The cars are in Cockeysville, MD (Zip code 21030).

My other car is for sale as a complete IT7 car:

email can be sent to: jth at ipsg dot com

Jeff Dork
11/30/09 9:26 p.m.

Someone buy this. Jim's a good guy, I would have bought one of his cars had I not found mine which better fit my needs/budget. He's very patient


sanyarcosean New Reader
12/1/09 9:48 a.m.

Agreed, Jim is good people! Someone is going to get a great deal here!

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