Consulier None
9/1/11 12:03 p.m.

87 RX7 with 350 SBC

TH400 trans that slips when putting it in gear when it starts to warm up

Engine mounted with engine plate, no conversion kit. It does have headers and dual Magnaflow mufflers.

5 lug 18" aluminum wheels of some brand (Motegi, I think...)

Door handles shaved and electric actuators installed. Opens from remote keyfob (I did not do this).

Currently black and rattle can combo. No rust that I can remember. Tall cowl induction hood scoop.

Engine ran decent and has a new "lumpy" cam, aluminum intake and 4 barrel Edelbrock that was installed before it was parked.

B&M ratchet shifter

Interior could use some work, but is complete. Tinted windows and has wiring for "big" stereo.

Been sitting in storage for a couple years. Ran and drove when parked. Needs a battery.

Stock springs are cut, so it sits low. No aftermarket suspension parts that I know of.

For the price I don't want to go take a ton of pics, get it running, etc... The more I have to do, the more $$$ I'm going to want for the grief. Really just want it out of storage since I'm not going to use it any time soon.

$1,500 - Will trade for Aluminum Open Trailer, 24' Enclosed Trailer, etc... + Cash as necessary. Located in Lansing, MI. Email -

Consulier New Reader
9/1/11 12:08 p.m.

Will also trade for 5 speed Volvo 240 that is not a project. Only running, driving cars of reasonable nature. Other swaps into the Volvo are welcomed. 2 door, 4 door, or Wagon. It doesn't matter. + Cash is possible on this as well for a decent car that somebody doesn't want to see cut up into a Challenge car.



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