JamesMcD SuperDork
4/27/17 11:42 p.m.

I was going to sell this to Billy Bottle Caps as a running & driving car, but the head gasket turned out to be blown. It will run and drive on to a trailer no problem.

I thought someone might want this as the start to a challenge car, or a cool street car even. I think there's enough "stuff" on the car to sell off that you could easily zero it out and still have plenty of car left - I'd love to see this thing go to the challenge with a cool engine swap.

Car has 92k on it and is quite free of rust. However, it has sat outside for some time.

Has glass sunroof, power windows, cruise, un-cracked dash, recent off-brand tires, recent muffler.

Rear "TOYOTA" visor not included, sorry, and it doesn't come with a battery.

If you washed the thing it would look pretty decent from this side, but the opposite side rear 1/4 has the clear falling off:

To make it drive-able again it needs a head gasket, alternator, and battery.

JamesMcD SuperDork
4/28/17 12:01 p.m.

Please delete. I combined my threads. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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