Ashyukun New Reader
2/27/12 5:57 p.m.

This was the original engine I used in my now-sold 1988 RX-7 convertible, along with what should be almost if not everything else necessary to actually run the engine: sensors, intakes, wiring harnesses, computers, instrument cluster, etc. The engine could use being rebuilt- the water jacket seal isn't perfect so after running for a while it will push the coolant out of the engine. It could either just need a new seal, or it could need a new housing.

Also included are a good number of 'hard' parts from my parts car: rear subframe & diff, suspension parts, gas tank, steering rack, and a number of other parts. Also includes a windshield if you want it and/or have a vehicle big enough to carry it all.

I had someone with a LeMons RX-7 that wanted to buy all of it as spares for their car, but he ended up having to back out, so I figured I'd see if anyone here was interested in it either as a powerplant for a Challenge car or for other purposes. There's not quite enough hardware to be able to build a LoCost from, but if you wanted to make a rotary powered one, this would be a good start.

Asking $500 for everything that I've got- I've got a good bit of parts not listed simply because I've not gone through and sorted all of them out. Located in Lexington, KY- you'll need a decent-sized pickup or van to pick everything up...

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