brucethebrat New Reader
4/21/13 7:48 p.m.

Full kit for NB Mazda Miata (1999-2005). Includes all brackets, wiring and timing controller. Fresh oil in blower. Bearings are excellent but comes with a spare set. BRP MP62 based supercharger system was designed for the Miata enthusiast that wants to make serious horsepower and torque with plenty of room available for significant upgrades in power. The entire system is designed around the Eaton MP62 Supercharger. The MP62 is a roots-type positive displacement blower that delivers instant boost at any RPM. Integrated into the MP62 supercharger is a boost bypass valve. When cruising, the bypass valve opens and re-circulates the air. This allows for fuel economy similar to stock. Put the hammer down and the bypass valve shuts immediately delivering instant boost to your Miata's engine. Fuel enrichment under boost is provided by the PowerCard. Instant boost, seamless power and no driveability quirks. A steady idle and nothing but a smooth delivery of boosted power that only the PC can deliver. Additional System Features: Newly Designed Belt Tensioner - Our newly engineered belt tensioner has better geometry and more range of adjustment. The base plate is 3/8 inch thick aluminum and uses an M10 tensioner bolt to eliminate flexing and belt movement. The all new idler pulleys are designed with a crown. The crowned design causes the drive belt to track in the center of the pulley, not to one side or the other. A brand new timing controller is included which represents the latest in engine timing technology.

Unit is in Kelowna Canda. Shipping is extra.

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