5/4/10 10:13 p.m.

Looking for a good home for this old car. I bought it pretty cheap a year or two ago with a bad clutch, replaced it and found the trans was very noisy (input shaft bearing) and drove it 15K miles that way till it stated popping out of 3rd gear. Bought a used trans, put it in and it was slightly noise in the same way as the first one but less dramatic, it was fine till the &%$^# starter somehow came apart, busting the trans case where it mounts, taking a hunk out of the pressure plate after about three weeks of happy motoring. I push started it and drove twenty miles home, was getting hard to shift but normal otherwise. There it has sat for several months now. I'm gunshy with the amount of work it is to install another used that that I'm afraid will be noisy or otherwise bad, and would like to find the little car a home. She's somewhere around 260K I belive now but runs like a top with no smoke noise or oil usage, t-belt and water pump done 30K ago or less. Interior is mostly from an 02 Legacy, as are 16" alloy wheels. It's a nice looking car from ten feet away, little fixable dent in front bumper corner, leading edge of fender crunchy but they are easy to find. The AC even worked till the front seal on the compressor died last year. Title clear, need to be towed. I'm going to be forced to suck it up and fix it if I don't find a buyer. Looking for $500 cash. Located an hour east of Raleigh N.C.

Photo's here.. Subie Pics

wolf_walker New Reader
5/11/10 5:54 p.m.

I'm going to be forced to fix this critter if nobody buys it.

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