Ian F
Ian F SuperDork
4/8/11 4:19 p.m.

(not mine... yada, yada...):


1983 Porsche 928S. Project car. Under a tarp. I haven't looked under the tarp recently and have no photos of the tarp. Engine went out for a rebuild and never came back. So there is no engine. Everything else is there. This car has an automatic transmission like nearly every other legally imported 1983 928S. I have other priorities now. Please do your own research on these cars. The price is very low so I don't want to talk price. It is worth plenty in parts or put an engine in it. If you are interested, make sure you have cash and the ability to move it before calling me. I don't want to show this to a bunch of tire-kickers. No kids-I'm old and grumpy. 215.651.8795 Location is Doylestown, PA 18901

Travis_K Dork
4/9/11 7:30 p.m.

Why do people try to sell stuff if the whole add is ...blah blah blah... im lazy,,, I dont want to put any effort into selling it, i just want someone to give me more than its worth and tow it away who already knows they want to buy it without pictures or any information.

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