oldopelguy HalfDork
7/1/08 12:55 p.m.

Last year when I was still driving a Scion Xb I ran across a rollover Scion XA for basically peanuts. Thinking the drivetrain would make for a perfect rear/mid engined Locost, and that spares are seldom a bad thing, I went ahead and picked up the car and completely stripped it for parts. After I sold the Xb I still was planning on using the driveline, but just don't seem to be getting to it.

I have everything that could be removed from the body of the car to go with the basic engine and trans: dash, wiring harness, front subframe, struts, axles, shifter, exhaust system, fuel sending unit, master cylinder and pedals, even a couple of 15x6.5 rims, everything except the gas tank itself (had a hole) and the rear axle (made into tire trailer). I don't remember the exact mileage, want to say right around 50k, but low enough to be barely broken in for a Toyota. It's an '05 and was wrecked in mid-'06, so it's not like it was on the road for a long time.

The motor is rated right around 108hp, revs like crazy, and is all alloy so it's not too heavy. It's the same basic motor as the Prius, though with Otto cycle cams and ECU instead of the Atkinson cams and ECU the Prius uses (Prius is @75hp), and I've often wondered if the Prius' electric motor coupled to the higher output motor wouldn't make for a real screamer. Wish I could lay hands on a Starlet or Previa trans to see if it would bolt up, as a RWD motor I'd be installing it in an MG right now.

Whole works, anything you want to take, ready to go for $650 picked up just west of Greenville, SC. Delivery to Charlotte/Atlanta/Knoxville/Charleston possible for not a lot more.

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