12/15/10 9:59 p.m.

Edit: Pricing updated in posts below

Located in Appleton, WI 54915

I am including:

-Complete 2003 Ford Taurus Duratec 3.0 V6 with 11k miles from LKQ. I do understand that this engine has been sitting for a few years now, and probably requires at least being opened up for inspection/rebuild or can easily replaced with another "fresher" motor which could easily be purchased for a simlar price. (Receipt: $400)

-Complete Haines Motorsports built MTX-75 - Quaife LSD, 3.82 Final Drive, "Keyed Tower" mod, and new OEM TOB/Slave. (Receipt: $1435 just for parts and labor, not including value of the transmission itself)

-SVT Contour engine wiring harness w/o ECU. Have been planning to Megasquirt, but figured the wiring harness might come in handy.

-Brand new (in box) OEM SVT Contour complete clutch kit: pressure plate, disk, hydraulic bearing (trans already has new one too), and alignment tool.

-SVT Contour original flywheel, lighter than standard Contour V6 flywheel

-SVT Contour cams

-SVT Contour axles

-Multiple Taurus axles, having verified first hand that the CV's will interchange onto the Contour axle shafts. There are three Taurus axle lengths that could potentially be mix-n-matched with the Contour inner CV's to provide for a variety of potential track widths.

-Taurus bolt-on 'front' hubs, CNC machined with 5x114.3 bolt pattern for use at the rear with the mix-n-match axles above. Have confirmed that the rotors for a 1999-2004 Mustang will work perfectly with the Taurus 'front' hubs. Includes installed Mustang wheel studs, and brand new set of lug nuts.

-1 pair 1999-2004 Mustang PBR aluminum dual-piston calipers for use with Taurus hubs on a custom (not included) upright.

-1 pair 1999-2004 Mustang front spindles/uprights including PBR aluminum dual-piston calipers, hubs, and rotors (probably good only for mockup purposes). Strut suspension design will require adapter to work with an upper a-arm setup.

-SVT Contour Brake/Clutch pedal assembly (with master cylinders).

-SVT Contour throttle pedal

-SVT Contour cable shifter assembly

-SVT Contour tilting steering column with "crush" section for crash safety

-BRAND NEW: MB Five-X wheels, dual pattern 5x114.3 and 5x100, wrapped in Yokohama S.Drive tires. 15x6.5 195/55-15 front and 16x7 225/50-16 rear. (Receipt: $640, $600 after mail-in rebate) These sizes were chose as the best possible combination of availability and cost to get a desirable stagger. I figure if this width and overall diameter stagger are good enough for the Lotus Elise/Exige/S and Lotus 2-Eleven, wheels, then they should be more than adequate for this build.

I know there is more miscellaneous parts in a few large plastic bins, but off hand I don't know exactly what all else is in there.

Since this engine in a middy will likely use custom built headers/exhaust, combining the 3.0L V6 with the SVT cams and giving it a good tune is regularly claimed to produce 190-200+ whp. The Haines Motorsports built transmissions are considered nearly indestructible, even in high powered turbo and track use applications. To give you an idea of what the MTX75 is capable of in terms of reliability under stress, Terry Haines (of Haines Motorsports) installs a built up version of the MTX75 as a more reliable option into mid-engine Noble M12/M400 that are having trouble blowing up their factory 6-speed transmissions due to higher power outputs (520whp/475wtq) combined with heavy track use.

I will be more than happy to provide all of the considerable research and information that I have developed and accumulated for the construction of this car with whoever might be interested in it!

If you are considering this and have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me as that is the best way to get ahold of me. If you'd rather PM me, I will try to check that regularly as well.

Also available to be negotiated in:

-Pontiac Fiero structure: Center and forward sections (rear firewall forward), including the center-tunnel mounted fuel tank, steering system, and front subframe/manual steering rack assembly. Also have the radiator. The interior is gutted, and much of it was completely unusable. The dash was uncracked (rare for a Fiero) and can also be included if desired. The plan was to also cut off the front section leaving only the Fiero passenger compartment structure being used. Then build custom front and rear sub-frames, with a full set of Fiero body panels draped over it. [u]If the buyer is interested in the full set of 85 Fiero GT (only year of the GT with the 'aero' nose using the 'notch back' body) body panels, they are available too.[/u] However the structure could also be thrown out entirely, and the useful mechanical components noted could be used to complete a full tube frame build, like a Mid-Lana or LaBala type car.

Justin Hoch

Driven5 New Reader
12/15/10 10:03 p.m.

Duratec 3.0L V6, MTX-75 Transmission and SVT Contour Axles:

99-04 Mustang front spindle assembly:

99-04 Mustang front spindle assembly:

99-04 Mustang PBR dual-piston aluminum calipers:

Taurus bolt-on front hubs back side (before redrilling to 5x114.3 and installation of Mustang wheel studs):

Redrilled Taurus bolt-on front hubs ( 5x114.3 with installed Mustang wheel studs:

Staggered MB Five-X wheels and Yokohama S.Drive tires:

Beginnings of rear subframe mockup:

Driven5 New Reader
12/15/10 10:12 p.m.

The Fiero parts additionally available:

The "Notch Back" 85 GT with the "Aero" nose...Before surgery. Shows body available. Every external panel on the Fiero is plastic and bolts on over the frame pieces, making it relatively light weight and essentially a poor mans 'race body' from the factory.

Fiero chassis in its current state, with mechanical components, as listed above.

Another view.

RossD Dork
12/15/10 10:16 p.m.

Justin, welcome to the addiction.

Driven5 New Reader
12/18/10 11:01 a.m.

Thanks. Let me guess...Resistance is futile?

You don't happen to want a Duratec V6 in the rear, backing up the Zetec in the front, of your Locost project, do you??

reflexr New Reader
12/31/10 9:10 a.m.

OMG, that would be perfect for my 94 Escort GT Middy conversion!!!

Driven5 New Reader
12/31/10 5:52 p.m.

I agree...That would make a great home for this setup!

Driven5 New Reader
1/17/11 11:20 p.m.

Just as an update...I am willing to accept offers on separating parts by major groupings for those that might be interested: i.e. Fiero body/chassis, engine and associated components, transmission, brake/hub components, and wheels/tires.

Driven5 New Reader
2/3/11 6:39 p.m.

Well after talking with some people more in the know on SVT Contours than I, it appears that my basis for some of the pricing from when I bought the parts has not fully taken into account how the economy effected the SVT Contour parts market. So what that means for everybody else, is a good old fashioned price reduction to better align with the "fair market value" for the parts in question...Regardless of how absurdly good of a deal it is compared to what the same collection of parts would cost to create independently.

Also I am willing to include the steel that I had purchased, which includes:

(4) 1.5in x 1.5in x 0.065in wall x 12ft mild steel tubes

(4) 1.0in x 1.0in x 0.065in wall x 12ft mild steel tubes

(2) 1.0in OD x 0.083in wall x 12ft DOM mild steel tube

(1) 1.0in OD x 0.095in wall x 12ft DOM mild steel tube

(2) 0.125in x 6.0in x 12ft mild steel flat sheet

Pricing as follows:

All SVT Contour/Taurus/Mustang drivetrain (and associated) components. = $1250

Add Fiero mechanicals as pictured above. = $125

Add brand new wheels/tires as pictured and described above. = $500

Add steel mentioned in this post. = $125

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