VG30_S12 New Reader
7/24/10 7:41 a.m.

Located In Raleigh NC well, sadly, i'm giving up on getting this car comfortable for me... well, not just comfortable, but able to sit in it

89 244dl black on tan 5 speed stock other than some turbo wheels odo says 212,000, PO says more like 250k runs and drives good

bad dirty check engine light on typical tail-light PCB problems, but looks like I fixed it dirty lil scrubing on the front pass fender, like he rubbed against something with the car interior ok but small things. dirty glove box doesnt close dirty

heres the story i bought this car in VA to put on the road due to me wrecking my daily Neon RT, that and ive always wanted a 240 5speed. for whatever reason they have been elusive to me. I finally found one that was close-ish to me, got there, looked it over for rust and trouble... i didn't find much, the car was in order had a good friend take around the block and he said he didn't notice anything... i quickly handed the guy the cash and he forked a VA title signed and ready to go. now ready to go, i hop into the car, only to find i was stuck between the door pillar and the steering and the seat... thinking i could fix it and modify it later, i got my friend to drive it home for me

ok, now before the fat jokes start flying, ive owned alot of cars while being big, BMW 3 Series, RX7s, S-Chassis Nissans including S30,S12,S13,and S14s, Tiny lil economy **** cars, hell, ive recently owned a farking miata that i dailyed... all able to fit into comfortably, but for whatever reason the 244 is impossible to get into. Im really disappointed that i have to sell it for such a stupid reason, but the car isnt much use to me if i cant fit in it... the only way i could see myself even getting in it is if i shorten the steering column good few inches... then it still might be a squeeze... ill keep an eye out for another sometime, maybe a 242?, but for now im going to let this one go :(

Its in really good shape as far as i can tell, it needs a good clean but even the paint isnt bad, considering its a 20+ year old car. its throwing a code but i don't know how to check it, ill bet an oxygen sensor or something stupid. It never smoked or anything, but drank a little gas on the way back from VA(Richmond) its got a clear title signed open, i never bothered to go and sign it until i could use it

would be epic for someone with a turbo motor or the cahones to rebuild this one and turbo it i was even considering KA24DE+T(don't hurt me!!!)

asking $1000 damnit, photobucket hates Ubuntu, so ill have to post pics later

if you want to reach me, you can at 919 522 7168 or vg30_s12 at Yahoo dot com or just poke me a PM here, ill keep checking back for a 242 near my woods ;) Again, its located in Raleigh NC

Lugnut HalfDork
7/24/10 11:44 a.m.

Hmm... this is only a 15 hour drive for me...

trigun7469 New Reader
7/24/10 12:49 p.m.

Diesel or gas?

EvanR New Reader
7/24/10 2:23 p.m.

In the US, Diesel 244 sales ended in 1985. So I'm guessing it's gas.

VG30_S12 New Reader
7/24/10 5:38 p.m.

ask and ye shall receive

VG30_S12 New Reader
7/25/10 7:19 a.m.

sold, thanks guys

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