EastCoastMojo GRM+ Memberand Mod Squad
10/14/18 1:36 p.m.

Looking to refresh my '97 a bit, the bumpers are currently a fugly mix of chrome and rust, and are vaguely bacon shaped from previous owners' experimentation with close quarters parking. I want to replace them (front & rear) with black. The later models of the 3rd gen 4Runners ('99 - '02) have a very different front bumper, and the rear appears to have a curve in it that the earlier ones don't. Mine is very flat. I should be able to reuse the plastic step guard on mine.

I found the front complete with valence, and the center section for the rear in black on carparts.com, but the rear has these "end caps" which only appear to be available in chrome. I cannot reuse the originals due to rust holes. Ideally I would like to source black end caps so I am not stripping / grinding the chrome off of new ones just to paint them black. I will probably paint over the black so it all matches, just don't want to deal with chrome removal. Local junkyard parts listings are coming up empty for any rear bumpers for these at all. I figure shipping shouldn't be too bad on just the endcaps if anyone has some laying around.

Here's a pic in chrome:

And here's a pic that shows the end caps in situ for reference (not my truck). I have the SR5, not the Limited, but not sure the wheel guards make a difference in the end cap fit? SR5 does not have the wheel guards.

I know it's a shot in the datk, but anyone got a set of these taking up room in the shed? If so, what's your asking price with shipping to 27603? My google fu is only finding chrome or black plastic versions...gah!

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