Ashyukun New Reader
11/15/11 10:47 p.m.

For my Challenge car(/vehicle) this coming year, I bought the wheels and tires from my friend's Challenge car from this year (the #91 Firebird, which he has up for sale here as well). However, the wheels are a mis-matched set of Camaro/Iroc wheels, with different wheel types for each side of the car (since the Camaros have slightly different front/rear wheels). I'd really like to have a matched set of wheels, so am looking to see what anyone might have to trade me for these.

Pictures of both sets of wheels can be found here:

The wheels would need to be 16", 5 x 4.75 (5 x 120.7) lug pattern, with no more than 5" backspacing (have to fit on a G-body) and wide enough for a 225 tire. A full set of 92 or earlier 16" Camaro wheels would be ideal, since they'd obviously fit, but I'm not totally wedded to the Camaro wheels designs (just the tires :P).

The trade would be for just the wheels, the tires would be removed prior to the trade. Let me know if you have some wheels you think would work! Thanks!

wvumtnbkr Reader
11/18/11 10:53 a.m.

I have (6) cragar soft 8 wheels that are exactly what you are looking for. They were on a 78 malibu (g-body) for about 1 year. They look good. They are the black ones.

Wanna trade an RX7 motor and tranny for them?

The wheels have tires that were used for 2 lemons races still on them. Not sure if they are usable for you.

Rob R.

Ashyukun New Reader
11/18/11 11:53 p.m.

In reply to wvumtnbkr: The wheels sound like they'd work well for car, but without also having a buyer for the RX-7 it would be hard to trade the motor & transmission. That would also be trading for something not currently in my $2012 budget, so we'd need to work out an FMV for the trade. What would you want if I were to just buy them?

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