schumithecat Reader
4/30/17 3:48 p.m.

Red with black cloth interior, 210k miles, 5 speed. This car was previous owner’s daily driver until a few months ago when it stopped running on freeway. He had put $$$ into it right before this happened (4 new tires, new timing belt, several new suspension and brake parts). I recently bought it knowing it likely had the short nose crank issue that may or not be fixable. I did some disassembly and saw crank nose is broken and not fixable. I lack motivation at the moment to get it running again (cheapest and easiest option is junkyard engine), since I just did an engine swap on another project car a year ago. Car has power windows, cruise, power steering, and a/c (PO said a/c was not working for unknown reason). I tried the electrics and windows, headlights, wipers, radio work, blinkers, hazards, all work. Air bag light was flashing (not sure if that is normal before car is started). I took these photos after it rained and the paint is faded when dry, but if you used some polish and a buffer this is probably what it would look like dry.

good – factory hardtop, 4 new tires (Douglas), AGM battery, upgraded aluminum radiator, some new coolant hoses, body and interior in good shape (Southern car, don’t see rust), suspension good, new upper/lower ball joints, new rear shocks, new brake pads/rotors, headlights upgraded to H4, roll hoops (not a real track roll bar), Kenwood head unit and decent speakers, jack and spare, airbox delete (cone intake).

bad – crank nose broken - needs new engine, softtop is torn.

ugly – paint faded and oxidized, paint bad on hood and nose, wear spot on driver seat bolster, plasti dipped wheels (comes off with gasoline or other solvent).

Prices are firm (if I can’t sell, I will get junkyard engine and get it running):

car with hardtop $1,800; car without hardtop $1,000; hardtop only $800; but I won’t sell hardtop by itself until car is sold (because softtop is torn). Past link in browser to see photos.

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