RevRico UberDork
10/16/18 4:24 p.m.


Somebody but this, I just don't have room for a project that doesn't move under it's own power or there would be a build thread already. 

1985 Chevrolet Elcamino Conquista El Camino 
Clean title - 79,500 miles 

Car was disassembled years ago with the intent of turning it into a drag car or a show car. I have given up on this project so I'm looking to sell the whole car or parts it out. 
The car has been stored indoors since 2001 so all parts are in great shape. The driver rear quarter panel has some rust around the wheel well and there's a small spot of rust on the passenger side quarter panel. The rest of the car is in great shape. 
The door handle have been shaved. They open via solenoid remote. The entire front end and interior has been disassembled. I still have the complete car except for the seats and inner fenders. Has a 305 engine. I still have the engine and transmission as well. They have been removed already. 

Will sell the whole car for $1000 or parts it out. Please call or text with any questions on any parts

200mph New Reader
10/18/18 5:31 p.m.

Near Pittsburgh.  

The 305 is a dog of an engine, but... GM H-bodies can be great handlers (thanks Hotchkis), and this is probably the lightest body style on the H platform.  Same wheelbase as early Camaro.

Challenge car?  LeMons racer ?  Lots of possibilities for very little $$.

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