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irish44j UltimaDork
9/4/18 8:44 p.m.

I see the car has DC plates.  I just happened to look for 944s on CL today, and ther's one locally for $1800 that's in pretty nice shape, and is a late-interior car. Only kicker is it's an automatic. But if you have to do a clutch anyhow, not the end of the world to swap....

Much nicer than the gold one, honestly...




nutherjrfan SuperDork
9/4/18 9:48 p.m.

Yeah I'm starting to view it as a $300 car.  Looking at an English fellows pics detailing a cowl replacement it seems the bottom of the windshield is 'raw' for want of a better description.  

To sum up from the advice here and a Hagertys valuation page he's not going to get $800 from anyone who knows their stuff.  Some kid?  Sure.


so nice guy that he is I'm gonna have to take him to the cleaners if I can.  angel But I'll have to be patient.  Other priorities.  Certainly, most certainly, not the end of the world if I miss out. smiley

Thanks for all the links advice and reminders especially the Clarks Garage which has been posted in the forums before.

Stefan MegaDork
9/5/18 12:40 p.m.
nutherjrfan said:

In reply to AngryCorvair :

Good to know!  One thing I noticed when cleaning the mulch out of the cowl was that it felt through the surgical glove what seemed to be the bottom lip of the windshield so it seems there is a significant piece of plastic missing from there which would also explain the wobbly nature of the wiper arms.  That might be very expensive unobtainium which is a thing with neglected low production classics unfortunately. indecision

Any opinions on the underbody shots?  I took those simply by lying down on the ground. Seems like a lot of rust.

The windshield on these just ends, there is no plastic cover or trim (there was one made for the later 968, but its just a flimsy thing to try and move the 968 a bit further away from its humble 924 origins).  If the arms feel wobbly, then the lower edge of the cowl might be damaged or the pivot bushings are shot.  The bushings can be replaced.

The chassis doesn't tend to rot unless there is damage.  The plain steel suspension and hardware does though.  Luckily those are available from other 944 donors in less wet climates.  The battery trays like to rust due to the battery acid leaking onto the tray and not getting washed out.  Remove any rubber covers on the drains into the engine bay and ensure there isn't any build up of material behind them and try to avoid parking the car uphill.  The battery tray can be repaired with some fiberboard, rivets and fiberglass or you can replace the sheet metal with similar piece and carefully weld it in after dealing with the treated metal to avoid making yourself sick from the welding fumes.

http://www.clarks-garage.com (RIP) has a ton of great tech articles on the 944 and its various systems. 

Only944.com, Plyhammer Parts, Luis Artega Parts, Sunset Porsche, Pelican, AutoHausAZ, RockAuto, etc are some of my go-tos for parts.

nutherjrfan SuperDork
10/14/18 3:12 p.m.

Update.  Sort of.  He went to 'court' or something to challenge some tickets and he won't have the title until I believe Monday the 22nd or maybe this coming week.

Anyhoo I probably shouldn't have cleaned the exterior because someone left a note and they are both talking $700.

He's still open to offers or other takers at possibly $900 but that will be between whoever here contacts him and him of course.

This evening is probably a decent time to contact him after six-ish in the p.m.

Question?  Should put his number up here or should I only give it out through private messaging? smiley

nutherjrfan UltraDork
11/27/18 7:05 p.m.

Just let it go to someone for $650 who is gonna part it out.indecision

Stefan MegaDork
11/27/18 7:21 p.m.

That's sad, especially since someone got a heck of a deal on those wheels.

Oh well, its parts will live on to help other 944s live. 

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