James@Fast Lane Innovations
James@Fast Lane Innovations New Reader
8/2/17 10:53 p.m.

The Trac-Pac™ Sequential Shift Light is set up and controlled by the Performance Optimizer App using your mobile device (the shift light works standalone without the need for a mobile device after setup but can stream data back to the app). This enables us to provide many useful tools to help drivers tune their driving. At Fast Lane Innovations, we're continually pushing forward with more functionality to help you get the most out of your driving.

The latest addition is charting and logging lateral and forward acceleration. You can see it real-time in the main screen, and log it to a file for later review. The logs can also be "played back" so you can review RPM and accleration data during the run. The logs can also be exported as a CSV file and used with video overlay programs. The app attempts to detect gear shifts and presents a table summarizing key performance factors for each gear, including max acceleration and how long the gear shift took among other stats.

An RPM switch output is also available (requires an optional relay module, sold separately) that can turn on nitrous, operate an air shifter, or just about anything else you need to turn on/off at specific RPM. It can operate as an on/off or window switch and of course you easily set up the switch points with the app.

GRM got one for their 24 Hours of Lemons Mazda Miata, and on the opposite coast, GoGoGear.com Racing is enjoying the shift light on a couple of their Hyundai Genesis Coupe race cars. Are you getting the most out of your driving? Come check it out, operators are standing by!

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