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irish44j PowerDork
12/15/15 6:41 p.m.

Ah man....wow, totally forgot this thread. I actually sold the car at about the point it was at in the last post.. Just kind of lost interest since I didn't have a real goal for it and decided that for any motorsport, an e30 is simply better in pretty much every way (and way easier to find parts for).

Anyhow, sold the car and motor to my buddy Carson, and they'll be using it for Chumpcar (they already have an M10 e21). Not sure how much progress they've made in the last year.....maybe I'll check in one of these days.

In other news, wish I had kept that engine, lol....I have three M42s now, but none of them are built as nicely as I did that one.

So, you'll have to satisfy yourself with my e30 thread, building it for stage rally ;)

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