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Dan_G New Reader
1/23/19 9:14 p.m.

Started gutting the interior. Left all my tools with the 931 parts car so I could only remove what I could with scissors, vice grips, and pulling. Hoping to have the rest of the interior rearward of the dash out this week.

Also found remnants of old stereo wiring in the trunk. Need to figure out why one end has a battery terminal.

Dan_G New Reader
1/27/19 8:30 p.m.

Got some food poisoning a couple hours after taking those pictures so no real progress.

Today finally felt well enough to continue gutting the interior. Removed the passenger seat, carpeting, and rear seat. Just need to figure out how to remove all the sound deadening and glue. Later this week should be removing the driver seat and the rest of the carpet and interior.

Found out the car was originally red

Dan_G New Reader
3/14/19 8:48 p.m.

Havent posted an update in awhile. Its been cold and snowy here for awhile so not much work done.

Upon inspection of common 944 problem areas I found an issue. The jumper fuel line from the damper to the rail likes to leak. Caught this one just in time before it had a chance to burn the car down.

Quick trip to my local hydraulic shop and $12 I have a new hose

Interior is fully gutted except for driver door panel

Ordered a harness for the seat and mocked it up

Looks better on the recliner

Since it was nice this week I drove the other 944 home. First time theyve been together.

Started removing some loose sound deadening and found some rust. The seam in the wheel well is rusted through. Should have it taken care of some time this season.

Finally installed the seat and went to sit in it only to realize I cant get in without removing the wheel. A quick release hub should be in the near future.

The last thing for now is adjusting all the harness lengths.

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