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paperpaper New Reader
3/9/15 10:02 p.m.

Figured I should make one of these and get the timeline down in one place. ever since Grand turismo came out with rally events I have wanted to rally. But being 9 hindered that. After many years of Dirt games, attending New england forest rally, and tearing it up in my old 2001 impala I graduated college and was actually making money to start with a car and some events.

Enter summer 2013. An exhaustive search finally led me too(had me give up and take a chance on) this! A neglected vehicle(s) that a man, that could barely use the internet, posted to the CL. Stopping by on the way home from New England Forest rally I decided to take a swing by. Even though He had already mentioned his neglection of the timing belt and subsequent destruction of the valves. But upon inspection I found a 700$ clean as it could be for Northeast shell. So against better judgement that normal people might have it came home the next weekend. ODO said 206k(broken for at least a year so more like a million), originally from Delaware with a department of defense sticker on windshield, and an owner that didn't know that exhaust was not stock or that it had BillyHD's already on it. It had a questional and probably exciting story that I was hoping to continue. (Disclaimer the most I had done working on cars before this was 3 out of six spark plugs, oil changes, and a useless cold air intake. It was pretty exciting taking this up just because) As we found out when its not raining the paint also is not that great. Cutting compound necessary. But let us begin: Arrival Yep not good start What I found Yeah sooo... Anyways what to do having very limited budget for this let me to look for cheapest solution. afraid of compression and junk yard heads and much more CL searching found me boom $200 mystery engine with "150k". but hey 200$ why not. So out comes old'er

And now to make one engine out of 2. Accessories, Injectors, and other bits you put on an engine taken from car and added to the new'er"?" one. some new parts while its apart

Ready to go in Bonus pic of both rides:

But after the engine went in winter happened and the car became a igloo. The Itch to actually race over came me and I may have taken the Wrx for a few rallyx'es to see how it all works and is before showing up with the dedicated car. Pics of said hooning:

They where pretty good motivation to get the real car done. So good I started digging.

Had to have a skid plate based on rally and especially due to where e30 oil pans are located. So I got the beefiest one someone sells. Weld a hoop bar to frame with some thick plate that should do it. Pick after a rallyx beating:

Guibo need help:

I sadly have no pictures of the last stages of the finishing up before the first startup and tightening everything back up. But i have a video of the first start up. Car's first start up

This was 1 week before a rallycross event. Early April 2014 I put the rest together the best I could figure out. Got it some plates on Thursday and drove this thing from Southern Mass to mid Vermont on Friday night. I had driven the car a total of probably about 40 miles over 5 days before heading out to Vermont. Untested unproven, with untested and unproven repair skills by me. I left Friday for the race Saturday because if it broke down I wanted a chance to fix it and get it to the race if possible overnight. But you know what nothing went wrong. Nothing complained. It was a easy cruise. I slept in the car(yep I did). And here is how it went on race day. Tore it up the Entire day including rev-limit hits, ruts, and drifts. But never skipped a beat and drove all the way home again. Even beating out the only other competitor in Stock rear wheel drive for my first class win. Video:First e30 rallyx

Some Mud flaps because:

top hat bushing/bearing front and rear control arms because they were all original to the car.

After another Rallyx in New York I decided to try some pavement racing first in an autox then a full blown hill climb! The New England Hillclimb association puts on Grassroots hillclimb events at Mountains in central Vermont anything from street legal prius's to troyer modifieds to a tube frame chassis with a Audi RS4 drivetrain known as the Super chicken. Some pictures from the two Hillclimbs Okemo MNT and Ascutney:

Videos: Okemo Hillclimb Ascutney

Some more rallyx happened. Okemo: Started figuring out that none of the bushing had been changed since ever so rear beam came out for some subframe bushings, trailing arm bushings, and SS brake lines. Thanks to a friends Garage in winter!

Some Lights for more rally as well as added plating for oil cooler protection: Moar Bright

Then more rallyx was had:

And thats where we are today. The future for this little car is bright and mods include gravel tires for summer events , upgrade/rebuild diff because lock might be gone after 230k+ miles, and other random upgrading/maintenance items.

Its been a wild ride meeting people, getting dirty, and generally following a desire I had to race since I was very young. Only regret is that I did not start sooner. Thanks for reading. I'll continue to update with my upgrades and adventures as they come.

Photo credit for most Rallyx pictures go to DaggerSlade media

irish44j PowerDork
3/9/15 10:15 p.m.

So jealous of you guys in the NE with so many awesome motorsports venues. Hope you can make it down to our Divisional challenge event in WDCR or see you possibly up at STPR?

paperpaper New Reader
3/9/15 11:06 p.m.

In reply to irish44j:

If I plan far enough ahead a STPR viewing and rallyx could be possible. its almost 7 hour drive but could be alot of fun. As for the venues. we have interesting venues but not always big or fast like it seems you guys have.

jhockey4 New Reader
3/10/15 10:18 a.m.

Your pictures aren't working :(

java230 New Reader
3/10/15 11:21 a.m.

Makes me want to find a cheap e30! Looks like fun....

Pics are working for me.

dbgrubbs Reader
3/10/15 11:30 a.m.

I guess that hard to find front valance didn't last long.

paperpaper New Reader
3/10/15 11:35 a.m.
dbgrubbs wrote: I guess that hard to find front valance didn't last long.

Yeah that came off for good and was sold to a guy that had an IS with a busted valence. Love the look but no good for me.

paperpaper New Reader
3/10/15 11:36 a.m.
jhockey4 wrote: Your pictures aren't working :(

Strange. They are hosted on imgur.com. maybe blocked from where you are trying to view?

NGTD SuperDork
3/10/15 1:57 p.m.

Pictures work fine for me.

Between you and that damn irish44j, you guys have me cruising kijii looking for BMW's and Volvo's instead of the Focus I was trying to buy!!!

paperpaper New Reader
3/10/15 2:10 p.m.
NGTD wrote: Pictures work fine for me. Between you and that damn irish44j, you guys have me cruising kijii looking for BMW's and Volvo's instead of the Focus I was trying to buy!!!

Lol glad to feed the addiction. CL and kijii are as always real dangerous to the wallet. It's tons of fun. Very addicting.

jhockey4 New Reader
3/10/15 2:53 p.m.

I was on at school at you are right the pictures were blocked but now they work:)

paperpaper New Reader
3/20/15 12:47 p.m.

So we had a rally cross Last Sunday (March15th) A slush event. Take frozen ground standing water add few inches of solid snow and make it snow all day. A challenging Day that Included using a bobcat to cut out a course we wouldn't get stuck on. A harsh day to be a worker(went though many socks) but awesome fun to drive in.

Said bobcat: Finish line(lake): And Some pic's of me driving over the lake:

And some Video

Afterwards the timing bus found a drainage ditch:

When you get mud on the rood its a good event. Much Better:

paperpaper New Reader
3/22/15 7:56 p.m.

Upgrade update! So a few past events now I have had people tell me that they had seen one of my drive wheels doing nothing while I was on low traction surfaces(ice or toothpaste mud). So I decided my next upgrade should be a rebuild of the LSD diff as it has a mistery number of miles somewhere in the 230K region. had some options with this to upgrade to more than 2 clutch packs. 3 with out mod and 4 with. but for what i am doing now and possibly hunting for a 4.10 diff over the 3.73 in the future, I figured a nice new set of 2 would suit nicely. 25% locking from the factory.

Step one take out diff. Now you have new pet. Step two rip it apart MMMM freshie: Also was good opportunity to change out the last bushing that I had not done yet. Then throw it back in. Noticed a clamp missing of one of my CV boots that had started throwing that crap everywhere. Yuck! but at least it was not ripped.

Have not gotten to really test the LSD yet but a drive around today with the original to new poly bushing upgrade and the refreshed lsd makes for one awesome feeling. rear end feels way more communicative and responsive. Should have done the bushing long time ago!

paperpaper New Reader
4/24/15 2:23 p.m.

Been awhile since an event but finally there is one tomorrow. Had a while so i got some random things done. Got my gravels mounted. Got around to removing my sun roof tracks, headliner, and associated hardware for some high up weight savings. Will be getting the sunroof skin welded in as I have a friend that can help me with that.

Test fitting the gravels. They are small but still plenty of ground clearance. will certainly have to upgrade to 15's next time around. Really excited to try these out. Have never run gravels in any form so will be really fun tomorrow.

Messed around with my gauge cluster due to it having all sorts of weird glitchs. REading 400 rpm to high, gas gauge reading half as empty and generally jumping all over the place on some of them. Finally have fully functional gauges for first time.

Wired up my override switch to have fog light safe guard overridden. there is a possibility for night rallyx'es soon and generally more lights the better.

And finally just today arrived some lug studs and nuts. having to change to the gravels at events would be very annoying with lug bolts so finally broke down and got a set. Last minute upgrades are best upgrades.

Rallyx tomorrow at Rochester fair grounds. winter is over dirt and grip has returned. pictures and video of that to follow!

Bearded.Bird Reader
4/24/15 2:46 p.m.

Looking good. These post keep pushing me towards a BMW. I have just always wondered if its as expensive and as much as a pain in the butt as some people make it out to be to own one of these older BMWs.

paperpaper New Reader
4/24/15 2:48 p.m.

I have not found it to be expensive at all. parts are fairly cheap and it has been really easy to learn to work on. as well as unwavering reliable. the expensive side you might be hearing about could be the M car people. anything on my car cost 1/4th of what it would on an m3.

Bearded.Bird Reader
4/24/15 2:53 p.m.

In reply to paperpaper:

Well thats a huge sigh of relief. Now I can actually start looking and not feel like I am as high maintenance as SWMBO says I am.

paperpaper New Reader
4/24/15 2:55 p.m.

It all depends where you source your parts from. shop around. some places over charge for things but are great for other parts.

paperpaper New Reader
5/5/15 10:07 a.m.

Last event Update. Welcome spring! and the first Gravel event after long New England Winter. As well as my First time on gravel tires. Amazing Difference. Shared the car with a RWD first timer and she loved it, sometimes getting more sideways than me!

Some shots(Dagerslade media):( I ride #142) More sideways than Me! Some deep gravel:

Overall awesome day. Loved gravels so much I ended up second in class. Loosing out to a 242 by only ~1 second on the last run.

Grid Some hardware:

Only real glitches of the day is jumping out IACV(ultra grayed in now) and one of my new lug nuts welding itself to the stud and backing the stud out. Luckily, as rally goes, someone had the part and got me home. Up next is NER rally sprint this weekend and another RX event only the week after!

Bearded.Bird Reader
5/5/15 10:53 a.m.

You gonna post up some video from that GoPro?

paperpaper New Reader
5/5/15 10:54 a.m.

In reply to Bearded.Bird:

As you wish :P

Bearded.Bird Reader
5/5/15 10:54 a.m.

And what are you using for a skid plate? Road signs?

paperpaper New Reader
5/5/15 11:02 a.m.

Road signs are the front part of the skid plate. forces dirt and snow down under the real skid plate which is this: Link HIK Fabrication Skid Picture

I was not going to mess around with is this plate strong enough so I went for baddest one on the market. (also didn't know anyone to help me fab legit custom one) has seen serious beating and i jack the car up off it every time.

tjbell Reader
5/5/15 1:44 p.m.

I live 10 minutes up the road from you, how have I NOT seen this car?!?

paperpaper New Reader
5/5/15 1:46 p.m.

In reply to tjbell:

IN / near Franklin? dunno it bright ass red with rallycross across the windshield. Keep an eye out lol.

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