ExcessKuma New Reader
2/27/22 7:39 p.m.

Alright, First Post. 

And realistically, the people reading this right now are on Google, frantically pulling their hair out trying to figure out how the stereo install on the Q45 goes. Here's the break down

Front speakers

1. Wedge a pry tool between the door armrest and the grab handle, push backwards. It should slide out.

2. Remove the 3 Phillips head screws.

3. Use the same pry tool to *carefully* remove the door seat control/lock/misson control center to reveal the final screw, remove that.

4. From the bottom, pop the door card off and pull upwards to remove it from the car, disconnecting the harnesses attached to it. 

4a. Curse crutchfield for lying to you about front speaker size. IT IS NOT 6.5, it's probably a 5.25

5. Remove the speaker and unplug the connector, it should be a 4 pin connector. There are two wires, a white and black wire, one on top of the other, those are the wires you tap for speakers (white +, black -)

6. Depin or tap those two wires to the speaker of your choice, then reassemble door.


Rear speakers

1. Pull the 2 black tabs under the seat cushion and pull the bottom half out.

2. Remove the 4 Phillips head screws holding the back seat in, everything else stays.

3. Pull seat upwards and then towards you a few inches to access parcel shelf

4. Carefully pry (full disclosure I was tired, gave her a good yank and nothing broke) the parcel shelf up and out to reveal the 6x9 rear speakers.

5. Repeat same procedure for tapping wires as front speakers. 6x9 is a drop in. Reassemble back seat area.


That's it. A guide on how to do Q45 (1990-1996) speaker replacements











ExcessKuma New Reader
2/27/22 7:46 p.m.

Follow up for Radio Removal (I don't know if GRM has a text limit)

1. Apply pry tool between shifter trim/window switch/mission control center 2 and pop it out, unplug connectors.

2. Remove the 4 visible philips head screws

3. Turn key to on position (or press shift release button) and put car into Drive to pull out the center cubby.

4. Remove the 2 Philips head screws behind it (also please car back in park)

5. Remove bezel trim and unplug rear heater window switch.

6. Remove the 4 Philips head screws holding the radio in.

7. Once out, plug in your Metra Harness (if you are reusing the Bose speakers, buy the variant with RCAs, if not, buy the non Bose variant) wire up your radio, and use the brackets on the sides of the OEM radio to mount the radio as cleanly as possible in the car.

8. Reverse installation once you verify radio works properly.

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