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Robby New Reader
4/18/19 3:58 p.m.

So I put on the new PCV hose today, nothing has changed performance wise, still in limp mode that completely cuts power after about 1/4 throttle. So I replaced the MAP sensor and was looking around at some other sensors. I find the intake air pressure sensor on the charge pipe was a little oily and had a bit of corrosion on the connector terminals. So I went ahead and replaced that too. 

The Sonic finally seems to be running fine again. We'll see how this goes over the next few days. 

Meanwhile, I've been driving the Miata around for a little over a month and haven't even registered it yet... whoops


Edit: car does indeed run very well again. Going to change the spark plugs in a few minutes and will datalog the car and send it out for a retune either tomorrow or Saturday. Finally, after like 4 weeks, it's running without being in a limp mode. 

Robby New Reader
4/29/19 10:41 p.m.

Took it to another autocross. Car ran flawlessly, just need to work on that stupid driver. Didn't have a clean run all day unfortunately and got 19th. 

Only got one video of me driving. 


Robby New Reader
6/10/19 9:22 p.m.

Installed a RacerX Fabrication short shifter assembly today. The throw is shorter, the length of the shifter is shorter, the bushings are stiffer and the knob weighs more. Wasn't too bad once I got over my fear of breaking some plastic clips. Also, the stock knob is tapped on there, not threaded so it's a lot harder to change out and mine wasn't looking so good. 

The shifter feels sooooo good and is very smooth now. I was on the fence about doing this, but I'm so glad I did. 

Robby New Reader
4/8/20 9:55 p.m.

It's been awhile, so thought I'd share some recent upgrades.

I was looking into custom front grilles to remove the mustache from the stock lower grille. While doing so, I looked into Sonic RS front bumpers which have different grilles. I found a new old-stock one a short 4 hour drive away while on Thanksgiving break from school that I went and got. Wasn't able to put it on for a little while and eventually got the grilles and fog light surrounds. 

I got an Over The Top Performance lower transmission mount that I just put on. I like it a lot, there's no movement or rocking anymore when shifting, at the cost of a little more vibration in the cabin at idle. It's not usually very noticeable and is completely gone over about 875 RPM. Super easy to install, recommend it a lot, however cannot recommend the company.

Long overdue, but I finally put on a RacerX Fabrication catch can that I got new in box secondhand for a great price. I've been wanting to do this for a long time and finally did it at about 98k miles. I added a 3/4" 90 degree fitting going from the turbo to catch can as I didn't love the bend that they designed it to have. I believe I could have ran the entire system without any hose clamps as it was super tight, but thought I would be better safe than sorry.

Also got Siemens 60# injectors and a RacerX Fabrication flex fuel kit. I was running the 60# injectors with 93 octane and it was awful due to misfiring at idle due to them being too large. Getting e85 is pretty far out of my way and decided it wasn't worth it until I move in May where I will regularly be able to use it. I will probably buy a set of 42# injectors to run until I go with a better turbo (likely this summer as I'll have a big boy job). 

Lastly, I put on some Goodridge stainless steel brake lines for the front along with speed bleeders. This is something I should have done a long time ago and greatly helped pedal feel since there has always been a little dead spot at the top after putting bigger brakes on the car. The speed bleeders are super cool and would definitely recommend. 

Pics of car with new front bumper put on:

Catch can setup (pardon the filthy engine bay):

Robby New Reader
6/14/20 7:56 p.m.

Handful of updates:

Finally got a LSD. Got a Wavetrac a few weeks back, but the bearings and associated OEM parts decided to come a month after ordering them. This should be going on relatively soon. 

Got a Seibon carbon fiber hatch for a pretty good deal. Still need to get glass installed and transfer stuff over to it. 

Got 235/45r17 Hankook R-S4's for my Enkeis. They seem pretty good for the price, no complaints. 

Ordered a single Forgestar F14 in gloss gunmetal in 17x9 +40. Ordered only one to test fit and decide what offset exactly that I need. It should be arriving this week or next. 

Also picked up yet another Chevy Sonic 1.4T manual. Has a brand new ZZP big wheel v3 turbo along with a handful of other aftermarket parts. The turbo is the only thing I'm keeping off it to put into my black Sonic. This new one has low compression on one cylinder, but the car is in too rough of condition for me to want to keep it. Picked it up for just barely more than the brand new turbo is, so kind of had to. 

Attached are pics of things said:

Robby New Reader
7/27/20 2:29 p.m.

Sold the red Sonic. Put the ZZP turbo and wavetrac in my car. It rips pretty hard. On E85, I believe I should be making around 250-260 whp. Can't wait until the next autocross I take it to. Might be a little bit as I picked up something new...

2004 Z06 Commemorative Edition with 33k miles. 

Needs a little bit of TLC with the paint due to some rock chips and improper washing. It's pretty perfect for a 16 year old car though. It's a blast to drive. 

rustybuckets Reader
7/28/20 6:02 a.m.

Well that was a jump! 

Congrats on the car!  They are super fun - lots of little things that go wrong (Chevy QC plus 16 years old), but relatively easy to fix! 

bonylad Reader
7/28/20 7:06 a.m.

I love it! 

Robby New Reader
7/30/20 12:44 p.m.

In reply to rustybuckets :

Haha yeah, vastly different experience in every way than the Sonic. It's a ton of fun, I can't stop driving it. 

I was just looking over your build thread actually and need to take some of the first steps you did. I'll be changing the oil and checking the other fluids later today. I need to get tires as these are 8 years old, so that'll be pricey. I plan to paint correct it this weekend also. 

How do you like the NT05s? I'm considering them in 275/40r17 and 295/35r18. My only real concern is autocross competitiveness for AS, but not a big deal. 

Robby New Reader
7/30/20 1:18 p.m.

Made some jack pucks in order to change oil and just general jacking the car up. There's not quite a finger width difference between my low profile jack and the puck in the front of the car. 

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