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chiquito1228 New Reader
9/26/22 11:48 a.m.

Such a nice build. Never heard of this hill climb. After some research this is going on my list for next year. Especially my festiva will be 30 years

Asphalt_Gundam Reader
9/27/22 9:35 a.m.

Hill climb results. Looks like out of the morning sessions I was P2, albeit with 6 runs vs 3 for the cars around me but my 6th to their 3rd was at the same time/conditions. I'm still surprised that hung on for 6th at the end of the day. The Datsun listed ahead of me was actually a backup car instead, early 2000s 911 I believe.

On another note we have a crisis averted. On the way home the EFI went lean and needed fuel added to maintain at cruising speeds. Full throttle seemed ok but not perfect. Yesterday while checking things of I found one injector to be intermittent and barely kicking. After a long time on hold with Holley they figured it was either the connector or injector itself. So I took the rear "bowl" off and sure enough after removing the plug one pin was bent like it hadn't been lined up properly. Straitened that out and the injector is working again. Big difference right away in how the car ran so now I'm wondering if I was down on power during the hill climb too. Oh well, I'm glad I'm not in a panicked hurry to be ready for GridLife at Heartland Motorsports Park in a week and a half.



Shavarsh HalfDork
10/7/22 4:04 p.m.

Hey check out that thumbnail!


Asphalt_Gundam Reader
10/17/22 2:54 p.m.

GridLife season finale at Heartland Motorsports Park was the last event I had planned this year. With winter is coming mode going on around here there wasn't much time for any changes to the car. Just a look over and adding a few more items to the off season list.

Friday morning I go out for first session and right away notice the brakes are hanging up intermittently. After coming back in and suspecting the calipers like before I went to bleed them a bit. Soon as the first stroke to the floor happened the pedal just stayed there, couldn't pull it up either. Turns out the clutch pedal pivot bolt had backed out and was hanging up the brake pedal in an engaged position. After some contortionist moves I was able to get the bolt back in and double nut it this time. I had a lock nut but I guess 5 years of clutch operation caused it to come loose.

Second session I'm p3 in group D due to only doing one lap with the brakes partially engaged. After a banker lap I backed way off until the Sunday Cupers caught up then put in a flyer to pick up 10 seconds and set a new PB by 1.7 only to have the shift knob snap off going into T3 where braking+missed shift+turn in+ wondering where the heck the knob just flew off to = going wide and a ride through the grass. Which just so happened to be when the livestream cameras were pointed at me...


I considered this an easy fix and used the grinder to shape the shift lever and use a die to cut threads lower. Couldn't reinstall the center console like this but I didn't care.

This proved only temporary as a lap and half into session 3 it broke again going into T10 but this time I got the shift completed and finished the lap for another improvement. At this point I need a solid fix and with some angle iron and a bolt. I borrowed a welder from ASM (twice now that's saved my weekend) and put together a very ugly but functional shift lever.

Saturday was a day of improvement and evening session I ran my fastest lap of the weekend: 1:47.704 for a 3.6 second improvement over last year! The biggest change is how easy the car was to drive here with the suspension changes after struggling all weekend last year. I was also able to scale the car for a comparison to last year. Give or take a gallon of gas the car is 140lbs lighter coming in at 3689 this year vs 3828 last year at full tank-1 session with me in it. Almost all of the weight came off the front of the car.

This weekend was also the first time my family has shown up for one of my race events in the 4 years I've been doing this. It was nice to have them there and see what it it's about, even if they don't exactly get it.

Asked very nicely to jump into an HPDE session and take my niece for a ride. She was pretty quiet...I suspect like when Alayne first rode with, she didn't know what to expect and assumed everything was fine. Says it was fun, and as soon as we were back to pits was asking about working on that car at her dad's house!

Sunday the weather was a lot different and I probably partied too much Saturday night to be able to go any faster. Could run within a few tenths but that was it. Another great weekend at the track!

Some pictures from Rob Wilkinson:

Asphalt_Gundam Reader
10/24/22 6:47 p.m.
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