rehoward New Reader
4/9/19 4:47 a.m.

I want to build a street legal AWD using Audi components, such as a standard Quattro drive with the Audi 3.0 turbo V6.  First off I want to say I know a lot about cars in general and a little bit about VW products since I have had 2 air cooled beetles, an air cooled Vanagon,  and a 1985 16V Scirocco but I know almost nothing about Audi.

So as I said, want a to build a street screamer that goes around corners fast and stops fast but is also unique.  I live is Seattle and we get a bit of rain up here so a full bodied car would be best., or maybe a convertible or convertible hard top.  But I want a light car too so was wondering if anyone has built a freaking fast road car based on the Audi turbo V6 combo with AWD (or other combinations?)  I was thinking possibly an AC Cobra fiberglass body replica or even something as wild as a Rat Rod chopped and lowered pickup cab approach but whatever it is it needs a wide stance and track sized tires and wheels.  Probably a  tad more boost too.  Any and all ideas are welcome.  Thanks!!


meareweird New Reader
4/9/19 5:34 a.m.

Do it! What all donors do you have in your possession?

edizzle89 SuperDork
4/9/19 12:50 p.m.

Are you talking about the new turbo 3.0 v6 with the turbo in the valley of the engine and reverse flow heads? Or the 3.0t which is the supercharged 3.0 v6 is the older A6's? either way it should be pretty awesome!

stuart in mn
stuart in mn MegaDork
4/9/19 1:29 p.m.

I'd go for a 1980s Quattro rally car style build, something like what Teamilluminata is doing except with the newer Audi drivetrain:

BrianC72gt GRM+ Memberand New Reader
4/9/19 7:12 p.m.

I love the look of the Audi 0B2 6 speed manual gearbox in the late S5 and variants.  The forward halfshafts are right up front, at the bottom of the bellhousing. The older 01E boxes have takeoffs behind the bellhousing.  I'd say that's a difference of about 8 inches, maybe a little more.  That would go a long way in minimizing nose heavy handling issues...or leave space for an LS swap?

I'm waiting for someone smarter than me to blaze that trail.  I think the diff bias is electronically controlled though so either dumb it down or figure out a controller/sensors for it and the matching rear diff.

rehoward New Reader
4/14/19 4:52 a.m.

I don't know what I am talking about really.  I want the project to be as low buck as possible.  I was even considering swapping an Audi AWD under a cheap EBay AC Cobra glass body or something like that.  I think an Audi turbo  V6 would do fine in a light car and right now I am scouting around trying to find out what my options might be.  The Audi drive train seems to be 8 point mounted so just maybe a simple attachment to a ladder type frame could work?  Would like to build a car with some snazz, not a rally car or another unibody thing.  I was thinking anywhere from an AC Cobra to Rat Rod.  Seriously!  I do want it to be exciting to drive; hot motor, fat tires, goes around corners like crazy and brakes fast.  It should be a drivers car.  I do not want a FWD bias but having AWD should be a kick.

I was hoping  that someone had CAD models of this or had done it before.  Any Audi drivetrain and V6 recommendations would greatly be appreciated.  Might be wise to buy a whole car as older Audi's seem to sell cheap.  Turbo's would be very nice, I know nothing about the differences in the turbo V6 offerings.  Think cheap!


PS - anyone know if is still active?

rehoward New Reader
4/14/19 4:58 a.m.

In reply to meareweird :

No donors as yet.  Audi's are pretty easy to find around here.  Not sure what to do about the body.  I would like something more unique than a car that looks like an autocross car or rally car.  Not sure what to do about that.  Hmmm....

de80q Reader
4/14/19 1:18 p.m.

The biggest problem you will run into is the cost of building say a 2.7t engine.  They are good engines in stock form, and make good power as a chip upgrade.  After that, it will become quite expensive. 


As for Motorgeek, it is still quite active.  You might also try  I am a member of both.

brad131a4 Reader
4/15/19 10:35 p.m.

Well Randy having owned a few audi's and water cooled vw's in my driving time what you want to do sounds fun but not cheap. The later model transmissions and motor is what you would want to use. The older style puts the motor out in front of the front rims. This is going to be the main problem with just about any type of swap into a kit car like the cobra or roadster. 

Then once you figure that out you then have to refigure out the balancing of the car. The few early model v6 audi's are nose heavy and a pain to drive fast on tight courses. 

Best advise I can give would be to gut the whole car and only put back what you need for it to run. Get it as light as possible. Or if you like get a A8 and gut one of those. All aluminum body means lighter once all the interior is out. 

Best handling car, of all the audi's I've owned, other than size was the 2001 S8 l had. Always wondered what it would be like with all the interior pulled out and just the barer minimum of sensors left in it to function plus the 6 speed manual.

If you like you could swing by and you can look at my 98 A4 to get a idea of just how things sit. 

rehoward New Reader
4/16/19 5:01 a.m.

In reply to brad131a4 :

I would love to see what you have going Brad.  Where are you located?


rehoward New Reader
4/17/19 12:43 a.m.

I did not realize the Audi placed the engine sooo far forward. This to a large extent defeats the advantage of AWD and the desired weight distribution don't you think?

So SAAB possibly addressed that with their backwards engine/trans arrangement I suppose. I used to have a SAAB 99 but of course it was FWD only. GREAT car in the snow!

I did notice the forward stance of the Audi engine placement but thought that by shortening the driveline maybe could it could be compensated. Probably not since the engine/trans seems to be a unit assembly attached to the front crossmember which also supports the front suspension components. Yipes. Can of worms!

Maybe just a simple RWD approach. See next……


I was thinking of using a Saturn V6 engine for a north/south car with RWD. I have a NA Saturn VUE Redline SUV and it pulls strong in this fairly heavy car. About 270 HP I think. Problem is that it seems the V6 only was available in an auto trans version, no manual gearbox available except for the 4 cyl versions as far as I can tell. I think I once found a web site that offered a T-5 manual conversion but cannot find it. now Ideas?

PS - I think the Saturn V6 was available as a twin turbo in a Lincoln or Cadillac model at one time. Around 400 HP I believe. Don't quote me.  Now that would move a light car!

TommyWants New Reader
4/17/19 1:41 a.m.

In reply to rehoward :

You could build an awd car pretty cheaply with gm parts and not have the entire engine hanging out in front of the front axle. 4.8/4l60e with full time awd tcase all available from half ton. Modern version of summit's awd 32 ford. Or buy an entire awd STS and take the drivetrain. I see them go dirt cheap but they're auto. Gets you 300hp for the six or 320 for the v8 (I've read that the rwd iteration of the n* corrected the head bolt thread issue that gave the fwd ones head gasket issues). I've been thinking of Northstar, ar5 5 speed. I already have c5 rear suspension and the northstar supercharger squirrelled away. 

brad131a4 Reader
4/17/19 2:12 p.m.

Thing is it's not great in a front drive application but can be made to handle fairly well in all wheel drive. If you are thinking of a small light version look for a BMW 320xi they have a fairly conventional awd system and a manual. GM could be used as in like the Cyclone and Typhoon style. You might even be able to put a manual transmission in it. V6, turbo, awd it tics most of the buttons plus it's on a frame so putting a different body on it would be a whole lot easier.

You could even go with a audi tt or any vw syncro model if you wanted. They are a haldex system so the best you would get is a 50/50 front to back split. It's mainly a front wheel drive until slippage  accures then it kicks in the back tires. The motor is horizontally stationed over the front tires so a bit better weight distribution. Turbo Vr6 can make some good power. Plus you could possibly fit this under a cobra shell.


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