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Ashyukun (Robert)
Ashyukun (Robert) PowerDork
10/29/20 11:46 a.m.

With the Infiniti out of the garage until I get the replacement metal for the fenders (unfortunately in the rain), the BMW is back in for a number of things that I got started on last night.

One of the first things I did was something that was in no way necessary but i wanted to- I pulled the rear lens housings and the side marker housing to try out the new lens tint Peel Coat spray from Rustoleum. So far? Not impressed. Like, at all. I think for the first few coats it was largely just going on clear with no tint, and then when I started putting it on heavier to get the tint it ran a bit (especially on the backup lens housings off the trunk lid). I think part of the problem is that the instructions say nothing about dry time between coats, unlike the regular PeelCoat I tested out on an old spoiler. I'm guessing i'm going to have to pull it off the backup housings and do it again. Overall, I found it far less effective and more of a PITA than the old trick of a light coat or two of black Plastidip followed by a coat of clear dip.

Next up was trying to resolve the issues with the stereo install- the older E46's use a kind of annoying multi-antenna system such that anything but the stock radio gets crap for reception. The adapter I got that power the antenna amp definitely helped, but it really looks like just grabbing the amp from a newer one (like the 2004 'vert I pulled the trunk from) will make life easier on the whole. While doing this, I did some specific checking on the speakers- and at least the tweeter assembly on the passenger door is not working at all and the mid-bass on that door sounds like it might be blown and I'm not hearing anything out of the tweeters in the back panels. Both the '04 vert and an '01 coupe that just showed up in the lot have the HK system in them so tomorrow when I'm up trying to get the fender metal for the Infiniti I'll see about grabbing some of the speakers as well from the junkyard E46's (assuming they haven't been grabbed). I halfway wonder if my car doesn't have aftermarket speakers installed- I'll find out when I pull the panels this evening.

After that, I got started on the front of the car, pulling the fan assembly and intake and working on pulling the headlights (think this is necessary to pull the bumper to replace the 'kidney bean' trim, plus makes it easier to replace the angel eyes with the new set and re-finish the lenses again). I found that the headlight washer system, which I haven't have hooked up anyway, was a PAIN to deal with- it added something else to grab from the junkyard off the '01 coupe: the trim that will let me delete it completely. Annoyingly, the last screw to remove the driver's side headlight assembly is rounded off so I'm going to have to cut it out, hopefully not damaging the headlight housing in the process. Will tackle that this evening as well after draining the radiator (which has to come out to get to the screw better as well as to put the AC hardware back in and kind of also has to be done to replace the overflow tank as planned). 

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