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Rushcanuck Reader
1/27/20 11:38 a.m.

Well at least Im up to date on my tetanis shot haha, but made some progress on the vega again

Learned a lesson today about keeping your workspace clean, I was grinding down the welds and the gf was stripping the roof down when I slid across the floor and sat on a piece of rusty sheet metal, it cut through my carhart work pants butt pocket, through the pants, an into my ass quite deep. I'll save you a photo of my carnage haha but it was messy.

We did manage to get the panel fully welded, made a few little patches on the lower edges and started grinding the welds down. and shes almost got the roof ready for primer... hopefully this week I'll get the panel done, welds ground, kitty hair filler and then epoxy primered and ready for bondo work so I can start on trimming and welding in the other panel by next weekend

trumant New Reader
1/27/20 11:45 a.m.

Love the update but wish it wasn't accompanied by an injury report. Hope that heals quickly.

bonylad New Reader
1/27/20 2:16 p.m.

Love the look, the retro style.  Gimme an addy so I can come and pick up those GT40 heads you arent using anymore.  Least I can do.  Lol.

Dusterbd13-michael MegaDork
1/27/20 2:20 p.m.

Stabbed in the ass by rusty sheet metal is NOT a good way to end a weekend. 

Keep up the good work, and clean daily. 

OjaiM5 Reader
1/27/20 3:04 p.m.

What a pain in the ass!

Yes, I too sometimes have to remind myself to stop, slow down and clean up, usually  when I am grinding or welding and something catches fire. 

I really like the projects, especially the paint booth pictures. Awesome. 

Rushcanuck Reader
1/28/20 10:58 a.m.

In reply to bonylad :

Thanks, Where are you located? Im thinking Im going to save them for my 95 Bronco but if I dont I'll give you first dibs!



Diffidently a huge pain in the ass, still hurts to sit lol!

bonylad New Reader
1/30/20 10:01 a.m.

In reply to Rushcanuck :

I appreciate it. Newport NC

Rushcanuck Reader
1/31/20 3:48 p.m.

As few may have noticed, we've decided on a race team name. Causin' Havok Racing. named after the girlies registered quarter horse name...might make some stickers and be a real cool kid

Odd update about my daily driver and tow rig

Back in 2017 just a month after moving to prince george my uncle offered to sell us his 2001 dodge 2500, 24v cummins, 5 speed, 4x4, 4.10 gears, tow package, overload springs, 1 ton front springs. Had 230,000km's on it, and he drives like a grandpa. The running gear is completely factory chrysler and she drives straighter then my mustang.

This is tow mater and the girlies daily driver which will HAVE to have a write up in itself.... Its a 1995 Chevy 1500 4x4.... with a 4.8L LS with a LS3 cam bolted to a NV4500 manual 5-speed... Still fuel injected too

Since then I've only done basic maintenance. my daily driver, hauling hay, race car, parts cars, garbage, running up the mountain to go fishing and camping, the truck has been an absolute gem for us. Ive put 35's on it as well as swapped out the air filter for the Big Honkin Air filter swap.

up until last week

Last week we had record breaking cold weather, -44 degrees celcius one day and the rest of the week was at least -39... Well the truck fired up every day, didnt have power steering or brakes though. and the one super cold day the clutch would work, but wouldnt come back up off the floor and release. Started noticing a good diesel leak from the side of the VP44 injection pump. looks like water got in the fuel and froze inside the pump cracking it. The truck ran but it leaked diesel bad. Now that is has warmed up it leaked very bad.

So the truck needed a VP44 swapped out of it and replaced. $2k later thats fixed, and while I was in there Im not going to have this issue again. Got a BD diesel flowmax lift pump and filter assembly with a water seperator. dust settled it was almost as much as I paid for the truck, but will hopefully make it good to tow for the next 20 years

Rushcanuck Reader
2/26/20 11:53 a.m.

Progress has been slow but the girlie finally finished her right rear quarter panel and is ready for some filler and epoxy.

Gotta say we are super happy with the way this turned out

Shes also got the hatch stripped and is working on the roof today.


On my car things have been a bit slower. I picked up a set of 47lb injectors and swapped them in with all new intake and plenum gaskets. Swapped out the throttlebody bolts for studs and cleaned out the IAC and throttlebody best i can. hoping to borrow a smoke machine an check for vacuum leaks prior to going to calgary for the tune. Got the car all jacked up to install a relay for the fuel pump as well as figured out the wiring for the launch control on the MS2pnp

I also went junkyard diving and found an aluminum driveshaft out of a 97 Aerostar AWD van that will find its way onto the mustang after the tune.


Progress is slow but we are getting there

Rushcanuck Reader
3/3/20 11:09 a.m.


Her cars hood, hatch, right rear Quarter and door are now all covered in epoxy primer. Noticed that the panels were getting some surface rust on them just sitting in the shop so we decided to coat them as we go.


Now shes got a few spots on this side to smooth out with some filler otherwise its done. Im onto the frustrating job of doing the left rear quarter and drivers door.

Rushcanuck Reader
3/16/20 12:09 p.m.

Major filler work done on the passenger side. final coat of epoxy followed by highbuild primer from here on this side.

The driver side we will get started soon

Rushcanuck Reader
3/23/20 11:31 a.m.

While I've been still stuck at work shes been on quarantine and hard at work on her car. Fully stripping the hood down to bare metal, spraying it in epoxy and high build primers, and now the tedious job of block sanding. I did get started on the driver side quarter over the weekend although lacking photos

Front fenders are about to come off, will give her more space to jam in the monza springs while they are off.

To Do by Fathers Day

  • fender swap
  • block sand
  • LR quarter replacement and rust repair
  • L Door skin replacement
  • L door window guides repair
  • Monza springs shorten and install
  • Carpet
  • Seats
  • B+M Mega shifter, and shifter cable install
  • brake lines
  • Rear brakes
  • Wire gauges
  • Epoxy primer remaining pieces
  • Highbuild primer remaining pieces
  • paint/clear
  • reinstall lights
  • figure out the light switch why its always on
  • water pump and pulley problem
  • tune carb and tv-cable


Hopefully everyone is staying healthy on here

Rushcanuck Reader
4/11/20 8:21 p.m.

Well decent amount of progress, spring is almost here in the still Great WHITE North

Girlie got her new rear quarter prepped to be swapped on, cleco'd into place. Might cut it out tomorrow and weld it in before we are back to work on tuesday. She's also got a good start on her drivers door, we had my old boss come by to check on what to do with the door and his advice was to pull it out as best you can and fill as needed from there. the dent wasn't too bad but cutting off the damaged portion of the skin wouldve required stripping some rubbery oily sound deadening filling the door. that would've taken a long long time with the limited access to these doors


The mustang is still getting tuned at the end of the month, few new precautions with the tuner we are taking. and cant get a pet sitter meaning the whole family is going on this trip.

But this means I had to get my ass in gear and get the mustang done before. As requests/recommended from the tuner I've gone through all the wiring once more, as well as added a relay to the fuel pump circuit.. As well as check for vacuum leaks, as a precaution I put new gaskets for the intake when I changed over to the 47lb injectors.

Im a person who likes having backups or replacements on demand, so with the weatherproof relay there is another replacement easily accessable beside it

Car needed a new airbox as the old one was frustrating to just check the filter if it was dirty or not required several screws to hold the fender on to be removed. so new airbox that seals with the hood

Here you can see the two ram air ducts feeding the box. One in the foglight thats piped in through the fender. The other more obvious, high beam light location. This car was originally an aeronose to without wiring in a relay the car only has wiring for 2 lights anyways, never bothered wiring the inside highbeams.

Engine bay all back together

On another note I also finally bolted in that hidden hitch we've been hauling around for years

Rushcanuck Reader
6/27/20 12:04 a.m.


Been awhile, lost a bit of interest in documenting all the work going in weekly and have been incredibly busy. This post will be a bit of a review, and hopefully will help other people if they ever choose to travel to get a car tuned, what to look out for, and my mistakes

So end of April we took the Mustang to Tecmotion in calgary to have the MS2PNP tuned, he was made aware the car was in the state where I had just installed the MS2PNP no tuning was done. We loaded up the car and drove the 900km trip. My tow rig overheated most of the way which was odd as it never has done this in the past but we made it.

The following day the car was put on the dyno and the owner of tecmotion pointed to shop that could help me out fixing my truck. We found soon after going there that the radiator was completely plugged with oily dirt. I pulled the rad with that shops help removing the fan and pressure washed the radiator before putting it all back together.

Meanwhile the mustang was or at least it appeared to be having the cold start, and idle being setup. Soon after completing the truck I ran back over to find my next issue of the day, my LC2 wideband wouldnt match his dyno wideband gauge. And the car appeared to like his wideband for the numbers. With this he decided to not use my LC2 at all, and tuned it for open-loop. He assured me that it wouldn't cause any drive-ablility issues and the main thing is my tables will be perfect!

This led to the next issue, the car wouldn't run long before overheating now. I'm thinking "great! how the hell did this happen". I'd tracked this car in 45 degree heat running lap after lap with no issues. It's got a 16" electric fan, and a large capacity northern radiator. Both in good working order. he blamed it on my electric fan not pulling enough air, it was pulling plenty of air but after sitting there stumped for a few minutes I asked if he had a mechanical fan, he looked and offered to pull his fan off one of his cars and bolt it on to mine. Good now the car wouldnt overheat anymore.

For about the next 2 hours he tuned the tables on the dyno doing several pulls, it was sweet hearing the car after all the work thats gone into it the past 2 years, driving 900km here, and all the issues we've had. Things were going good!

Once that was done we pulled it off the dyno and I took it for a run up and down the street. It felt great! however as I pulled into the parking lot the car would sorta lurch forward while driving without any throttle input. I mentioned this to the tuner and he jumped in and made a few changes, and the issue got better. he said there will probably be small adjustments I will have to make once home. I drove it around the block again and it felt good, I was happy. parked it, pulled his fan off, and paid him. 

Now when I went out to load the car back on the trailer it had sat awhile, it started and wanted to die surging slightly. I kept it running with the throttle before it did die, I re-fired it and loaded it on the trailer... First stupid move I should've brought it to his attention, the girlie even mentioned it on the drive home and told her thats "something i'll have to adjust at home"... Second stupid move right there.

We drove the 900km home and fired it up to unload it and it surged uncontrollably, Like it wouldnt even stay running without my foot on the gas. I decided I'd take it to work the following day to get it up to operating temp and we will be good.

Well I drove it to work, surging badly at every light and that parking lot lurge it would do it would do at about 60km/h and speed up to about 80km/h and once it was warm, it was only worse. I messaged the tuner asking what do I do to fix this, he called me spent about 15 mins on the phone, I could tell he was maybe a bit irritated or frustrated but he guided me through adjusting a few of the idle pwm settings and the idle gain. After about two hours of trying things that he had said to do I got it to idle decent.

The next morning I drove it to work and datalogged it, now it would surge and die and wouldn't want to start up again. The surge was unbelieveable from 500rpm to 2000rpm. I quite promptly messaged him "this made it worse, wont stay running anymore" where he read it but never responded.

This is about the time I posted asking about how to fix idle on Facebook and Stangnet. I got ahold of BlackfoxEFI who asked for the tune and a datalog of the car after I replace the broken wideband. I replaced it with an AEM 30-5130 and sent him the new datalog. The car would idle off the scale lean. At this point he replied that the tune was nearly identical to the DIYTune base tune, the injection table was not changed with the exception to 4* advance at WOT, and only the 90 and 100% load lines on the VE table were changed. that the injector dead time wasnt set right either (tuner knew the injectors i had).

I believe it was that day where Steve @BlackfoxEFI sent me a new tune, and told me to get a program called Anydesk and I was introduced to Remote tuning. It took him about 2.5 hours to get the car starting and idling well. There was several other oddities to the Tecmotion tune that had to be worked out, like the fact it was set to have A/C which actually made a big deal with how the car would idle. In the changes to make it idle though the work done on the dyno making those WOT numbers was now wasted and we would have to rebuild the tables properly.

A few days later I called Tecmotion and said what has been going on, he was very confrontational accusing me of robbing him. All i wanted was what it was going to cost for me to get my bloody car running and driving. Which through Steve was half what Tecmotion charged. He requested the datalogs which when I took a look at them both the LC2 and AEM widebands were reading very similar numbers.

Next day I got a long email stating that I should've never brought him an incomplete car, blamed it on the LC2, on the overheating, that he went above and beyond to get me tuned and happy and on my merry way. But at the end of the email he said that he would "Without prejudice give me a 1/3 refund". I bite my tongue and took it because I dont think I could've fought to get anymore.

Lessons learned:

1) if you notice something, let the tuner know

2) if your girlfriend/wife notices something, let the tuner know

3) Dont leave the tuner until the tuning is absolutely done!

4) Try to find a local tuner, and honestly if you have a guru for your ECU and car type on a forum. Remote tuning is pretty awesome as well. I was super nervous going into this but I should've done this from day-1


Since then I've been sending datalogs and getting revisions from Steve and I've got to say the work this guy does it unbelieveable! Each time the car was getting better and better, the odd thing would cause some idle weirdness but we'd get on anydesk again and within a few minor changes he had the car mint again. The coolest part is its almost like a class, I get to watch what he is doing, I am a part of this. I've learned a lot and hopefully maybe I wont have to get someone to tune the car for me next time. About two weeks ago I was finally given the go ahead to start running the car up to redline, and we took it racing last weekend and the car was great. Hopefully we will be done tuning soon here.


Anyways sorry if this was a bit of a flame-fest and doesnt have any awesome videos and photos but I've seriously thought good and long about writing some sort of review about this experience. Tecmotion did offer to take a part off his own car to get the car dyno'd and tuned, although again Im skeptical on the requirement for this because I can idle and drive the car with no fan at ALL now and it doesnt get over 200. And he did get someone to help me out with the tow truck as well. Anyways I'm posting this here and only here as something someone can read the whole story and not be limited to a short 100 word google review that doesnt paint a full picture.


Hopefully soon will have another post about the work post tune on the car, and racing :)



-Thanks all

759NRNG (Forum Partidario)
759NRNG (Forum Partidario) UberDork
2/11/21 7:31 p.m.

Dude.....Happy New Year!!!! .......have been looking for this all afternoon......hope all is well with you two ....peace out

Rushcanuck Reader
2/17/21 12:13 p.m.

In reply to 759NRNG (Forum Partidario) :

Thanks! Happy new  year.Sorry I stopped doing updates, last summer was garbage weather and I just lost interest in the forum. Things have been good here, we bought a house and are just trying to survive the -30 winter we've been having and getting old vintage snowmobiles running. Hopefully won't be long and I'll be pulling the mustang out for its spring time checklist soon, and the girlies vega is down to a quarter panel and a door before it's getting paint.


Thanks again!

Shavarsh Reader
2/17/21 12:44 p.m.

Really enjoying following these builds especially the Astre! Thanks for posting

Rushcanuck Reader
2/18/21 8:53 p.m.

In reply to Shavarsh :

Thank-You, I took a look at your thread the Bean, will be following it too. Its like a Ford version of the girlies Astre build!

Rushcanuck Reader
2/19/21 9:42 p.m.


Its been awhile since my last update, life has been actively tossing in buying our first home into the mix, moving again, and just an outright poor summer weather led to not so much for racing.

Soon after our Calgary trip we got the car properly tuned with the help of Steve @ BlackFoxEFI and took it racing down in Quesnel for the first time since the Stroker build and tuning


While there the club had a photographer take some shots as well

The new motor ran very well, gave me enough jam to easily have the car rotate around a corner with the use of the throttle....made it a lot of fun.

After the race we managed to get a sponsorship with Lordco Auto Parts, they provided me with a new set of H&R Superrace front springs and a Eibach front swaybar... These were installed on the car, but due to weather, mechanical issues we never made it to the track again this year

I unfortunately in the hectic move I didnt take ANY photos of the work on the Astre to get it out of that shop and moved. But we chopped a coil off a set of V8 monza front springs and installed those, kitty haired the rear quarter and Epoxied the whole car front to back. As well as mounted the pre-painted front fenders.

This is of the car in the new shop, after we cut open the front of the shop with a chainsaw to build a wider door haha!

This honestly is about where we are today, I've been distracted with acouple $100 1970's Skidoo's over winter mostly

The other day I pulled the tarp and cover off the mustang for the first time to mess with how to get the MS2PNP to activate the launch control that was pre-wired through the factory clutch switch. Giving me a bit of grief, might have to run my own wire.

Note for the first time, My Bronco is on the property I'm living at at the same time as the Mustang. Also in the background is the girlies 4.8L LS swapped truck she was daily driving up until a few weeks ago when the clutch packed it in.

Spring is hopefully getting closer here, I think we are done having -30 degrees celcius so I'll hopefully have more updates soon, might even see a freakish +5 on sunday!

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