spin_out Reader
6/28/16 11:32 a.m.

We wanted to bring a car to The Challenge that had not been done before (like our V-8 powered TR7), but after coming 9 years in a row, we did not want to miss a year of The Challenge while building the car. The solution, a'94 Miata R Tod picked up for $1,000. Old car with Collision damage + blown transmission + 190,000 miles = $1,000 Miata. (We probably paid too much, but it was cute.)

Anyway Tod found a sweet Craig's list deal on a transmission and installed it one Saturday, and then we started replacing the bushings. (The pretty red bits in the photo. :) If you look toward the back you will see some severely crushed frame rails. They are not supposed to go upward like that. I fabricated some reinforcements that I intend to install in a couple of weeks.

Yesterday we started tossing around the word "Turbo", but it was late and we were probably not thinking clearly. The other Challenge car will probably remain a secret until the build gets further along. It's got some serious rust issues that will take a while to fix.

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