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Cooper_Tired HalfDork
1/7/19 3:51 p.m.

Awesome! I love the look of those in blue. All the EP3 talk is not helping my want of one. How useable are the back seats? 

mryangtastic None
1/7/19 7:24 p.m.

Hiya. I joined this forum for this! :) 

I found you had a comment on Mike Kojima's MotoIQ site and would like to follow your build. 

I currently have a Civic Type R EP3 that I use for daily/weekender/track car. All disciplines - haha! I'll have a proper read of this thread later and see if I can provide input in to some of the mods/plans you have. 

J1000 New Reader
1/8/19 10:32 a.m.

Thanks guys! I've never driven anyone in the backseat but they seem reasonably roomy. There is tons of cargo room with the seats folded down too which I love about hatchbacks. Would love to see some photos of your Type R EP3 and any mods you've done to it!  

mryangtastic New Reader
1/9/19 4:03 a.m.

In reply to J1000 :

Backseats in EP3s are brilliant. So much footroom. 

Mods are too many to name. I don't check this forum often. Do you have an Instagram? Follow / message me @jcky_yng

ScottyB Reader
1/9/19 8:53 a.m.
J1000 said:

I was going to keep this a secret until I was ready to install it but I thought I'd share early. I picked up a K20Z3 motor and trans this weekend. 


nice grab and WOW you did get a deal on that.  with a good quality cold air intake, J35 throttle body (and associated port match on the intake manifold where it connects), long tube header and decent sized exhaust, plus the appropriate tune, you'll be looking at 220 whp all day, from the stock ~175whp.  if its in the budget to remove the balancers in the oil pan and convert to an RSX-S pump, you can up your rev limit to 9k reliably and gain a little more power thanks to the reduction in rotating mass.  figured it might be worth mentioning since you have access to it so easily right now.

while the engine's out, on the maintenance side i strongly suggest cracking the valve cover and adjusting all your valves, and then go ahead and replace the OEM chain tensioner with a new one.  cheap insurance while everything's super easy to access.

J1000 New Reader
1/9/19 11:14 a.m.

Wow mryangtastic, awesome Type R! That's pretty much the holy grail around these parts, would love to see one in person some day.

Thanks ScottyB! Yeah I will be doing as much as I can without opening up the motor. Definitely new oil pump, water pump, chain tensioner, adjust valves, etc. I will have to look into the A2 oil pump and the balancers I hadn't heard that before. 9000rpm would be cool :) I'll probably do an upgraded clutch too since it's easy right now.

J1000 New Reader
2/8/19 5:00 p.m.

Nothing big in this update mostly just a photo dump of the latest happenings. The Z3 engine came with a lightweight Exedy flywheel. It was torn up with lots of little dents and dings on the face, same with the engine block casting, and the clutch release bearing was all chewed up. No damage that affects function at all, but it does tell a story. I ran the VIN on this engine and the last report was from 2009 when the original vehicle was totaled in a rear-end collision. My guess since then is that the engine and transmission went into someone's project car. It has a K-Tuned dip stick and the lightened flywheel to start. After that I think the clutch release bearing failed or was installed wrong and came loose shortly after the engine install. After that the engine made it's way to the wrecker where it sat for possibly years and years before I bought it. Maybe not ideal, but we'll see how she runs. All 4 cylinders make compression however I'm just turning it with an electric drill so I can't get a good measurement. I poured some Seafoam in each cylinder and rotated it.


Some new goodies:

Exedy racing clutch and pressure plate and freshly resurfaced flywheel and ARP hardware


DC Sports super long 4-2-1 header for RSX-S, Craigslist special $100


DW 650cc injectors. Probably overkill but they were the same price as 450cc so why not. Pretty sweet they give you a breakdown of flow rate at different PW. I will see how much of this I can put in my K-Pro.


New OEM plugs


Set valve lash. Cams and cylinder head look awesome


Installed clutch and flywheel with ARP hardware


Prepping valve cover for sick paint. Sorry wife.

mazdeuce - Seth
mazdeuce - Seth Mod Squad
2/8/19 5:14 p.m.

Very much looking forward to seeing how the new motor does. Since I have and Accord the easy button is a J, but I love how much room a K leaves. 

J1000 New Reader
2/13/19 12:57 p.m.

Trying to finish out all the small things this week. I have planned an "engine swap party" for a couple weeks from now and I will have some friends coming to help me swap out the engine and some other small jobs hopefully get it running in one day. Unfortunately next week I'm traveling for work so this is my last week to do anything to the engine pre-emptively.

What other small jobs would you recommend to prep my K20Z3 for install?

Completed so far:
-Inspected timing chain and tensioner and guides
-Measured valve clearance, all within spec
-new water pump, injectors, and spark plugs
-New flywheel and clutch and bearings
-TB adapter

I decided not to swap the oil pump for an A2 pump. From my research it seemed like the gains are very minimal and also I'm trying to keep it a budget job as much as possible. I also decided to just reuse my stock A3 throttle body with an adapter as it likewise sounds like bigger TBs are not needed or useful for my power goals. 

J1000 New Reader
2/13/19 5:48 p.m.

Just to add a little content I picked up a Dragy, an acceleration and 1/4 mile device that works on your smart phone. I did some acceleration runs so I can compare them against the new engine. It is supposed to be extremely accurate.

I did a few runs and they were all pretty close, here's one of the best runs I could manage:


3.33 sec 0-30

9.45 sec 0-60

1/4 mile 17.10 sec @79.44mph



mr2s2000elise HalfDork
2/14/19 12:47 a.m.

As an original owner of 91 Si hatch, i never liked these british Si 


this thread makes me want one

J1000 New Reader
2/14/19 3:59 p.m.

Very cool, love all the Honda talk! I was looking at the EF platform a little bit before I settled on the EP3. I don't like the look of the EK nearly as much. The wild card I was also looking at was a CRZ but the price premium meant no mods. Glad I am able to make the EP a little more attractive :)

mr2s2000elise HalfDork
2/14/19 5:14 p.m.

I am an EF/EG guy. EK doesn't do it for me. 


Your EP looks great. Any thoughts on your EP3 vs 2006 RSX-S?

J1000 New Reader
2/14/19 5:56 p.m.

I would think my EP3 would kick any RSX's butt in all performance aspects once I get my Z3 motor installed devil It should make more hp, I now have better suspension geometry and alignment, and the EP3 is about 100lbs lighter. Also I am not sure if the RSX-S has a LSD or not, but my Z3 transmission does. The only aspect the RSX beats the EP3 in performance is with slightly bigger brakes, which also can bolt on to the EP. A longer wheelbase is probably slightly better for track performance, but at this level it's very, very minimal.

mr2s2000elise HalfDork
2/14/19 9:18 p.m.

Appereciate the info!

J1000 New Reader
2/15/19 11:31 a.m.

Leaving on a trip for work, one week from today I will return and install the engine!  Got it ready to bolt in:

J1000 New Reader
2/23/19 11:10 p.m.

Allow me to introduce my newly swapped EPZ3! Many hands make for light work.



We yanked the stock A3 motor in record time. It already has a foster home lined up in a Fit for w2w racing!

While the engine was out I took the opportunity to change out the steering rack slider bushing for a more beefy delrin part from SHG. Another thing I learned from the MotoIQ EP3 Project. This should reduce slop and flex in the steering rack and reduce bumpsteer.



We also put the super long long DC Sports header in and removed the midpipe. Although advertised that it will fit both the RSX and EP3, it's about 2" too long to match to the stock midpipe. That's fine, I'm going to drop the stock exhaust and build a custom header back with a high flow cat and I'll reuse my stock chrome twin tips with a nice muffler.

We transferred the accessories and a few sensors from the old motor to the new block. One of the heater hoses was a pain in the butt and had to be bent around, I didn't do the best job but I think it'll do. I also installed my DW 650cc injectors and we installed new axle seals in the tranny.

We probably had like 8 or 9 impacts and electric ratchets of some sort between us all. Man, remember the days when you had to turn a wrench? I used to hate that.

We then bolted up the 6 speed and got it ready for install. After that I took everyone to lunch.

The night before we had a nice amount of snow and this is how she looked:

Thankfully it was sunny in the morning so I got up early and cleared the driveway and cleared the car off. It was dry by 9am. That way the low clearance vehicles could use the driveway for parking. There was another Miata that I didn't get a photo of, lifted with off road tires lol

Then we started the install. We messed around for awhile getting the motor mounts all lined up, and we had to trim one of the aftermarket mounts but then she went in like factory.

And that's where we left it for the day. Just the plumbing, fluids, and wire harness connectors plugged in and it'll be ready for first start!

My goal is to get it running tomorrow.

spandak Reader
2/24/19 1:36 a.m.

I love this. 

And I love that you have so many Miata friends

J1000 New Reader
2/25/19 11:22 a.m.

I think every single guy who helped me either owns a Miata or has owned one at some point. The black one is mine.


Unfortunately, I didn't get it started up yet as I ran into some snags. Mainly, the oil pan I didn't find out until it was leaking all over. I thought I saw this crack when I was first inspecting the engine but I just thought it was a scratch. I've decided to push forward so I cleaned it up good and attempted a repair with JB Weld, it is curing now. This is the type of thing I expected when I bought a cheap  craigslist motor so I'm still in good spirits. I just hope there's no internal damage. It's easy enough to line up an oil pan swap down the road once the car is driving.

So keep your fingers crossed fellas.


Other than that I've gotten most everything ready. The wire harness is fully connected, heater hoses and vacuum tubes are all connected. I drilled and tapped the tranny for the EP3 shift assembly for the other 2 bolts. Trimmed the header panel. Stock airbox doesn't look like it will fit, at least not without a bunch of trimming. 

This is how the header meets with the stock exhaust. No way to make this work with out at least some cutting and welding.


J1000 New Reader
2/25/19 10:10 p.m.

It's running finally! Got off to a rocky start but things are looking good now. It started up right away on the first crank without hesitation. Unfortunately it's running poorly for a few reasons. For some reason I cannot connect to my K-Pro to adjust the tune so it's still running on my previous engine tune so the tables and injectors are not correct. It's a drivers issue on the PC, naturally. I also have the maf sensor unplugged as I don't have an intake solution figured out yet. Also maybe one of my coils is bad, but I have another set from my A3 motor. After starting it for the first time I let it warm up but not too long as it's late. I checked all over and didn't have any leaks, everything is looking good so far! After that I pulled the plugs and compression tested the motor. All the cylinders made compression! Hooray I didn't buy a junk motor!

Cyl #1 - 170psi
Cyl #2 - 180psi
Cyl #3 - 180psi
Cyl #4 - 170psi

I also tested the tranny and had all 6 gears AND ALSO reverse!

Need to either modify the stock intake tube (it's too short) or modify something else. Or just go for an open element style ugly intake like originally came on my car and I sold off to someone else...

J1000 New Reader
2/26/19 12:06 p.m.
J1000 New Reader
2/28/19 4:11 p.m.

This week was my anniversary so I took yesterday off and didn't work on the car. Today I uploaded my new tune to the ECU and went for a test drive. Drives great! It's faster than before, but slower than I expected. I'm actually using the spark and fuel maps from a different engine because there are no base maps for this engine. I will tweak it a little bit but plan to have it tuned on a dyno. More importantly the engine is healthy and the transmission shifts nicely, even at high RPM. I have all 6 gears and reverse. Pretty awesome!


To do list:

-Fix small coolant leak and replace leaking coolant overflow bottle
-Have exhaust flange relocated, add cat 
-Finalize intake/airbox, the original airbox doesn't really fit it's rubbing everywhere
-Fix VSS
-Tune engine on 91 octane and E85

The car is so fricken loud so I'm going to line up the exhaust repair asap.


Also, after seeing @maisgelb's headlights after he polished them I decided to do the same. They came out awesome! Also noticed my headlights are a different style than his, didn't realize that was part of the facelift.




mr2s2000elise HalfDork
2/28/19 7:29 p.m.



what did you use on the lights?

J1000 New Reader
2/28/19 7:39 p.m.

Just a 3M kit from the auto parts store. Just make sure you get one with the final stage clear coat/protectant.

J1000 New Reader
3/2/19 10:16 a.m.

I got the exhaust welded up and I drove the car about 100 miles yesterday. The engine feels great! It's just so rev happy and smooth. The exhaust is still louder than I hoped but will do for now. I will add a resonator and cat sometime soon, however. All the leaks are fixed now.

I am trying to line up a dyno tune this coming week, but first I think I need to get the VSS working. It's just a simple wiring job so hopefully I can knock it out this weekend.


Where is everyone at? More people posted in my thread before I swapped the engine, now it's quiet haha

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