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dps214 Dork
7/14/21 5:18 p.m.

Okay, slight correction. Street pads are definitely wearing the fronts more, track pads seem to be about even so far. Street pads really didn't enjoy that first track day, that could maybe account for the extra front wear. Again assuming front and rear started the same thickness.

Swapped pads on the rear and the one front I've done the lines on. Rears were 2-4 minutes per side, front was ~6. Not sure the time difference is huge but it was way simpler and less stressful. So I'll call that a win.

dps214 Dork
9/4/21 11:28 p.m.

Well it's been a while but largely because not much interesting has happened.

I did another pitt race track night back in july I think. With some setup tweaks the car felt a lot better and I felt like I was driving better but it was about a thousand degrees outside and the grip just wasn't there so I couldn't manage to go any faster.

Last weekend I drove it up to toledo for an autocross, as I was pulling out of the site to go home the car nicely informed me that the left front turn signal bulb had blown out. I didn't actually know there were any incandescent bulbs in the car, so that was an interesting way to be corrected on that. Replacement is super easy but involves popping out the headlight. The process is straightforward but a little bit finicky to actually get right.

Of course the bulbs are a weird uncommon size meaning the cheapest replacements I could find were $17 for a pair of tiny bulbs. Happily I didn't cheap out and just buy one because I checked the other side out of curiosity and it looked like it was moments away from burning itself out as well:


This friday was the SCCA track day at mid ohio that I try to go to every year; getting the car prepped was a lot easier with the new front brake lines. Working fairly casually it took a little over an hour to swap brakes and wheels, including pumping up the track tires and cleaning off the street wheels. Not too bad, it took almost as much time to gather all the various stuff that I take with me and stuff it all into the trunk.

My main takeaway is that my brain (and also my body) is still working to adapt to the capabilities of real track pads. Pitt race has more braking zones I think but none of them are as long or high speed as mid ohio's back straight. That's were most of the time I picked up came from, but I also struggled to do it consistently. But overall the car felt really good. It was a little bit pushier than I'd like but not enough to bother making any changes, really it just reminded me that I still need to work on trail braking and being patient on throttle application. And that I really should have put adjustable front control arms on it last winter.

This is technically my second fastest lap, but overall the best driving, just with a few minor mistakes that offset the time gained elsewhere. Not the best trip through the back straight braking zone but decent. The car I'm following is driven by a friend that was instructing at the event. It's a base 981 with basically full STU prep plus takeoff race slicks. He had a student with him so I doubt he was running totally full speed but i still felt pretty good about being able to keep up with him.


I knew the front rotors were probably on their last legs coming into this event so I had been keeping an eye on them throughout the day. I had already pretty much decided I was going to skip the last session of the day when I went and checked on the brakes and found this, so that made my decision for sure. Stupid drilled rotors.

I figured I'd be putting rotors on it this winter anyway, but I'm still on the fence about what direction to go with it. Looks like rockauto rotors have gotten expensive lately, so the "just feed it cheap rotors" plan is looking less appealing.

So I packed up and left, and when I got home these were waiting for me. I'm getting really good at buying next year's tires before the end of the current season. But someone was selling a pair of lightly used 305/19 rt660s for basically free and I couldn't resist.

dps214 Dork
9/6/21 7:53 p.m.

I hadn't looked super closely at the car most of the summer and hadn't noticed just how much rubber and other junk the extra wide track tires had deposited down the side of the car over the course of the season. Between that and how much brake dust was on...basically every surface I spent a few hours cleaning and waxing it.

Then I was bored so I put the car to a very different type of use...bike hauler. The photo also kind of shows how shiny and clean the car is at the moment.

dps214 Dork
11/7/21 7:06 p.m.

So back at the last track day I finished off the rotors. I bought new ones a while ago in case I decided to do the last track day of the season but didn't, so I never put them on. I've been driving the car a decent amount lately, and was slightly confused about just how much noise and vibration the front brakes were making. Then I pulled them off and took a closer look and it started to make sense.

The inner faces had major high points opposite the cracks on the front side - one on the driver's side, two on the passenger side. Yep, that explains it.

Some more close ups of the carnange:

Anyway, out with the old, in with the new, some sebro slotted rotors which should hopefully hold up better and not be so prone to cracking.

Not much to the install process now that I've done the caliper studs and flex lines. Compress pads a bit, remove caliper, hang the caliper from the lower stud so it's out of the way, remove rotor. Cleaned up the hub faces which were a bit rusty and cleaned some of the more caked on brake dust from the backing plates while the rotor was off.

Wheel back on and went and did some fairly gentle brake bedding. Seems like the pads have some waviness from the old rotors that needs to work itself out, but everything feels and drives fine. Hopefully these hold up better. It's really nice having brakes that don't feel and sound like the front end is trying to shake itself apart again.

docwyte PowerDork
11/8/21 8:41 a.m.

I need to do those flex lines on my 996 turbo.  Eventually do the caliper studs too...

dps214 Dork
1/25/22 11:01 a.m.

Finally getting around to doing some winter upgrades. The only real annoyance I have left about tracking this car is the seat, namely my lack of ability to stay still in it. As much as I'd like to do a race seat and full harness, it's just not in the cards. This is still primarily a street car and I don't want to ruin the normal driving comfort. Plus adding shoulder straps requires a harness bar which requires cutting up the interior which I'm not interested in. I briefly looked into what it would take to swap in a race seat just for track days, and it's enough effort that it's not worth it. Then I had an idea...conveniently a couple of places make harness mounts that attach to the stock seatbelt locations and maintain the stock belts as well. So I'm going to use those to run an additional lap belt. The stock belts will still provide the actual safety, and the second lap belt will hopefully keep at least my butt planted in the seat better so that I don't have to readjust after every corner.

I apparently forgot to take a photo of the parts pre-install, par for the course.

The outer side attaches to the car and is pretty easy, no real disassembly required. This one is still free to rotate somewhat easily and can store down out of the way. When in use the angle isn't really ideal, but again I'm not expecting to get any additional safety out of these, just some extra tightness.

The other side is a bit more complicated, it's seat mounted and there's absolutely zero clearance to the tunnel, so the seat has to be removed. I didn't want to mess around with unplugging the electrical connections and risking upsetting the airbag system (and the seats are surprisingly large relative to the door opening) so I didn't fully remove it, just managed to shift it around enough to get clear access to the side. Bonus, in the process the car gifted me 23 cents and a couple of small pieces of old food, so that was nice.

Here's this side installed

And with the addition of a zip tie since the stock wire retention piece no longer fits (Side note, as far as I can tell that stupid little piece doesn't exist on any parts diagram or in the shop manual seat belt removal instructions and seemed to be pretty well stuck on which was annoying. Ultimately I decided I didn't care if i broke it since I didn't need it anymore and attacked it with a screwdriver and discovered it just pops off with pressure applied in the right spots. Still would have been nice to at least have a mention of it existing in the shop manual)

Torqued everything up, put the seat back in, and this is what it looks like installed. It's a little bit more visible than I had hoped but realistically any shorter would make it super difficult to attach a belt to and it doens't get in the way for normal use.

And the full setup, as best I could manage to photograph it:

Now I just need to decide on what lap belt I want, but I've got plenty of time for that.

The other main upgrade I have planned for the winter is adjustable front control arms. Of course the only place that sells a complete kit for a reasonable price is out of stock and their customer service doesn't like to reply to messages. So I'm going to end up ordering the parts separately from a couple of different places and might end up having to make a couple of small pieces myself. It should end up cheaper (and more GRMish) overall but more annoying.

PMRacing GRM+ Memberand UltraDork
1/25/22 12:29 p.m.

If you can find one, a CG-Lock would do what you're looking for. 

CAinCA GRM+ Memberand HalfDork
1/25/22 3:29 p.m.

I've been using a $3 seat belt lock clip since I started tracking my car. I set it up tight enough that I have to move the seat back, put the belt on, and then slide the seat into driving position. I'm not moving around, well at least my hips aren't going anywhere, with it on.


Seat Belt Lock Clip on Amazon

newold_m (Forum Supporter)
newold_m (Forum Supporter) Reader
1/26/22 5:44 a.m.

While not as cheap as that Amazon one this is what I've been using in my S2000 and E90 BMW and it works really well and super easy to install and remove: https://www.cravenspeed.com/cinch-seat-belt-tensioner/

docwyte PowerDork
1/26/22 10:09 a.m.

Yeah....  As a PCA tech inspector I'm not thrilled with your idea there....  I'd run the CG lock or just the 3 points, or proper 5/6 points. 

dps214 Dork
5/19/22 12:08 a.m.

As usual plans change and I haven't done much with this lately. I got sucked into running a pretty complete autocross season with some friends (in a different cayman oddly enough) so my energy and budget for doing anything on my own has been pretty low. On top of that I was too late ordering track tires and the latest expected delivery date is August. So at the moment I couldn't really do anything if I wanted to. I would still like to get a track day or two in at some point but I'll have to either wait until closer to the end of the season or try to dig up some used tires or make do with what I have on hand. The schedule is pretty busy for the next couple of months but opens up a bit towards the end of the season so it might just all work itself out.

The local autocross region is hosting a few week night autocross events this year. The first one was last week which I did just running on the street tires. It was fun but it was immediately clear (as I dnf'd at the first braking zone...oops) that 5+ year old worn out ECSes aren't up to the task of even casual autocross. So that's another thing to start shopping for. The next week night event isn't until later in the season either so I've got time to figure out what I want. Or depending on finances maybe I'll hold out until next year.

As the weather's been finally getting nicer I've been trying to drive it as much as possible but I just haven't had a lot of places to go. The brakes (I think specifically the rears) have been getting squeaky, sometime I'll take a look at it and see if there's anything noticeable happening and probably grease the pads some if there's nothing obvious.

dps214 Dork
5/19/22 11:33 a.m.

Today a spectator shared some videos they took at that night event. Of course the video they got of me is the run that I basically demolished the back half of the course. But that just adds to the entertainment value of the video.



hunter47 Reader
5/19/22 12:33 p.m.

I'd look into the Cobra Nogaro seats. They're a street focused bucket seat, fully compatible with the OEM 3 point seatbelts. 

I'm looking at getting one for myself but pet related finances and changing desired direction for the car, it's not in the books for me for a while. They're a slick seat though! 

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