UnderDog13 New Reader
12/24/21 3:25 p.m.

Hello, this is my first build thread so bear with me, also I tend to write everything as a story so I will try to include as many specs and stuff as I can remember. Prefix over, this is the story of how my Dad and I built up a stock 97 Miata from bone stock to locally competitive autocross car over the last 7 years, while I attended college (in TN) and then vet school in Grenada (read time-limited), we took this

and turned it into this

So let me start from the beginning my dad got me into autocross when I turned 16, my first car a 94 v6 5sp Camaro with T-tops that didn't leak stalled and caught fire on my way to my very first autocross event, I was hooked. It would not be until my third car a 02 RSX type S that I would actually get started in autocross my second car was very short-lived, unfortunately. but fast forward a couple of years and I was at UTK for undergrad, I drove the tail of the dragon way too much mostly late at night following a friend Mini S, large class sizes did not agree with me and so after a year decided to I needed a change, I went back to Community college for a year, with the money my Dad was not spending on my housing which was a lot at UTK, he said "let's get a race car" which I thought was a great idea and so we set out to find something I was pushing for an older muscle car just because you don't or didn't see a ton of them racing in 2013 dad found a Miata which I was against since it was a boring choice, but he sent my Mom and me to go look at a 200,000 plus mile example of 97 Miata that came with a Snugtop hardtop, some dings, and the rear finish plate was caved in a bit where the owner had backed it into his garage, the driver seat had a huge rip down the mild of it. At this point, I had no knowledge of Miatas and I wasn't really good/confident working on cars, but when I drove that car the first Miata I've ever driven I fell in love, it all made perfect sense and of course, it was an amazing color the green-blue that is Montego Blue. After I dove it home my dad told me that we would be 50/50 in the car, he would put the money in to buy one or two upgrades a year and I would do the work, I was also in charge of deciding what parts to get. This was how it started.

Next time I will cover the first iteration of the build that I called the Mazda cheep Miata.

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