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SteveDallas New Reader
3/19/17 8:29 a.m.

Oil Cooler and Condenser Fan Idea Revisited

I received an answer as to whether the condenser fan is really needed yesterday, and it was loud and clear.

With temps in the high 80s on the drive home from the track, I found myself stuck in a traffic jam with the AC on. I had previously unplugged the condenser fan and jumped the fan relays together to test my theory. While sitting in traffic, I watched my coolant temp rise to 220F before turning the AC off and rolling down the windows. Once it was back down to 195F, I turned the AC back on. This time, it rose to 225F, before I saw it and turned the AC back off.

So, I either need to come up with a different plan for locating the oil cooler, or I need to look into a higher CFM cooling fan and any heavier gauge wiring needed to run it. A small pusher fan mounted to the front of the radiator could also work, but that seems like an unnecessary obstruction, and it seems like I could just mount a smaller oil cooler in front and up high instead, to the same effect.

LMGill New Reader
3/19/17 9:32 a.m.

I have been interested in getting a Miata or the new Fiat 124, but I would need to exchange the stock seat with something lower, as I'm 6'3" with a long torso and do not fit in either car. One thing I noticed with your seat install, I don't know how the seat bosses looked in construction before they where ground off, it seems once you remove the FRP box section on the mount, which I believe offers a greater load path for the mounting, you are now relying on a single layer of glass and the fastener in the hole. Again, I don't know what the fastener looks like, or how big the "head" is, but did you add any metal plate to the inside of the seat bucket to reinforce the mounting points? Giving the mounting point more surface area to distribute the load over more of the glass would be important.

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