RichardSIA HalfDork
3/19/21 1:23 a.m.

Now that I have made it home with TR6 No. 2 the project may begin in earnest.

First I bought a very clean wreck with a bent frame.

In looking for a replacement frame I found another "Complete*"and rust free car with title.


This second car was being built up as some sort of "Race Car" before the owner passed away. Big hint here, DO NOT wait too long to get to doing what you want.

I will have to pull the engine and examine it to know just what was done to it.

It is obvious it had some head porting work.


I expect I will be using the engine and trans from the wreck as they are stock so better for a street car.


Once I know how radical the "Race" engine is I will find a home for it, probably in another Dio Tipo build.


* As seemingly always with feeBay sales, "Complete" is not really, but most of the parts are there.

JoeTR6 Dork
3/19/21 5:19 p.m.

So the goal is basically a stock TR6?  It will be interesting to see what's been done to the "race" motor.  A cam, compression bump, and head work will wake these up nicely for the street.  Crazy compression and cam make them suitable only for track use.

Pics or it didn't happen.

RichardSIA HalfDork
3/19/21 9:08 p.m.

Yes, goal is a stone stock frame-up restored TR6 to be sold in a couple of years when it is done. Body I just got is genuine ex-Kali rust free so the work required should not be too bad.

"Race" engine will probably go into something yet to be determined. I've been offered an all steel '32 Austin Bantam roadster............  

Never built a street rod before.

Or maybe just sell the race engine rather than add another to the list of projects.

Pics next week after I get the new shop tent erected.

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