bondracer7 New Reader
11/6/19 12:19 p.m.
About 106K miles, all stock except as noted, asking $13K...
When I bought it in 2014:

Thinking of selling my E46 as I've got to thin the herd of 3 racecars and 5 street cars. I use it as an occasional DD about once or twice a week (never tracked) along with my MSM and my GMC truck. I was thinking of modifying it towards some track use but the MSM and racecars fills that duty.

Under my ownership I have completed a full brake job (Brembo rotors & pads), valve adjustment, a Turner rear subframe reinforcement along with solid subframe bushings and ECS poly diff mounts. Also did the driveshaft guibo and rebuilt the shifter with an F90 gearshift to shorten the throw (I have the original). Also have done oil changes with the OEM Castrol at about 8K intervals.

Car has the original door dings and rear bumper scuff that were on it when I got it. The few things that need work is the sunroof shade slider broke something (still works but not smoothly) and it has a slight engine oil leak. The front end of the motor has an idler starting to squeak when it's cold. The car is going to need some basic maintenance soon like cooling, shocks, bushings etc. I'll either sell it like it is or keep it and fix it up.

russde Reader
11/6/19 12:35 p.m.

Link no worky...

bondracer7 New Reader
11/6/19 3:51 p.m.

Ah... M3 forum link says this from when I bought it in Jan 2014....

Re: E46 M3 Market Sales Tracker: Please Report Your Purchase or Sale!

Are you the Buyer or Seller?: buyer
Model Year: 2003
Mileage: 75k
Coupe or Convertible?: coupe
Exterior Color: Silver
Interior Color: Grey
Manual or SMG?: manual
Major Options: All except Nav & backup warning
Under Warranty?: No
Overall Condition (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor): Good to Excellent, Ext 9/10, int 8/10, usual crappy BMW plastics and C-pillar covering starting to come off.
Any unusual items that affected value?: Brand new 19 CSL wheels & tires
With Whom Did You Complete the Sale? (Private, BMW Dealership, Other Dealership, Auction):Private
How Did You Find Seller/Buyer?:Craigslist

Sale Location (City, State): Mesquite, TX
Sale Date (Month, Year): Jan 13
Seller Asking Price: Lowered to 18K....was 20K original posting
Final Sales Price (amount seller received): $17.5
Est. Published Value, if known (KBB, Edmunds TMV, NADA, etc.): 14K.
Other Comments (amount of time in the market, successful negotiating tactics, words of advice, pictures, etc.): Couple of door dings otherwise very nice. Autocheck says 1 accident but checked with City of Dallas of incident report and none available. No visual signs of any damage unless it was for the minor scuff & scratch on the read bumper cover. Has JVC head unit for Bluetooth operation but got original BMW unit with car. Seller says alway serviced at Classic BMW through warranty period then Elite Auto after warranty. Obviously new wheels and tires and supposedly a brand new interior mirror. Seller claims Vanos seals replace and could verify through shop, but didn't get any service papers. Full manuals and 3 keys. Much nice DD than my 175K E36 M3 I just sold.
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