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My *NINE* year build thread right here on GRM with a million more pictures:


1973 Datsun 240Z- Triple Webers-BC Racing/T3 suspension/SSR wheels


*If interested, please read this entire novel. 


Long winded description with video links:


I will be able to show the car 4/29/22 -5/1/22 ONLY. If you want additional photos of something in specific, I will see what I have on file but again I am away from the car until 4/29. I will be flying in and taking the car to the Mitty at Road Atlanta and visiting family. If it sells, great. If not, I’ll be having fun.*




I have owned this particular 240Z for almost 10 years and I have loved every bit of my ownership. I purchased the car in 2013, and the car has lived in a garage since. I moved to Alaska in 2015 but I kept the car in Georgia instead of shipping it up. I have modified the car from afar ever since and have driven the car 100-200 miles a year for the past 7+ years. In those 7 years, I fly in and the car fires right up and drives down to Road Atlanta to the Mitty and around Atlanta to visit friends. I am very sentimental about the car because it’s exactly what I want in a 240Z. While I love the car, it’s time for me to purchase a project car for me to enjoy in Alaska. This car may not be to everybody else’s taste (I get that) but it’s a solid base with lots of quality parts to build whatever you want.




Medium green metallic with a well-earned patina with minor dings and crusty paint touched up with epoxy primer. This has been a southern car all its life and it’s baked the paint in a lovely way. Despite the crusty paint, the car has very very little rust. Anywhere on the exterior that had minor surface rust was sanded, touched up with the epoxy primer, and the underside fluid filmed to prevent rust. When you see areas of touched up epoxy primer, it is only covering areas of slight surface rust that was removed. The underside and floors are very solid. See it in person.

Bumpers have dings and missing the 73 only fillers on the front corners

Front valance from an orange ’72

Year of manufacture Georgia license plate and local Datsun dealership plate frame





Original 2.4 liter inline 6 cylinder (Does not burn oil or leak oil)

3 Weber DCOE 40 side draft carburetors with 39 mm horns on TWM intake installed by Z.I.P. Service in Bethlehem, GA

Carb specs:

All new gaskets and seals from Redline

Idle jets: 50F9

Main jets: 130- F11 emulsion tube

Air Corrector: 170

Pump jet: 40

28MM Chokes with Choke Jets- 85F9

Needle Valve: 200

Float height set at 26mm


Z-Store fuel pressure gauge

Facet 3 psi electrical fuel pump feeding OEM mechanical Kyosan Denki fuel pump

New Nissan fuel sending unit (<1500 miles)

Fuel tank is great shape and refinished. Underside picture you can still see fresh Fluid Film applied. (<1500miles)

MSA 3-2 header with Ansa vertical twin tip exhaust (currently with no mid pipe in the middle of the car after the car was lowered)

Datsun Spirit Heat shield

Datsun Spirit MSD spark plug wires with Accel coil

New ballast resistor

New heater lines and heater control valve

Champion 3 row aluminum radiator with overflow tank

Powdercoated wrinkle red valve cover with breather filter




4 speed manual transmission that shifts great

Exedy organic disc clutch (<1500 miles)

New master and clutch slave (<1500 miles)




BC Racing Extreme Low adjustable weld on coilovers (Currently It’s LOW)

Cusco front strut brace with Techno Toy Tuning Tri-Brace

Techno Toy Tuning rear strut brace




New Brake Master Cylinder (<1500 miles)

Factory disc brakes with new S hard lines at the caliper connected to Earl’s stainless lines

Aluminum finned rear drums




JDM period correct 3-piece SSR MKII wheels *rare sizes*

Front: 13x7 -1 offset, 165/80 tires

Rear: 13x9 -25 offset, 185/60 tires

New 68.3 mm Factory SSR center caps

1-inch front wheel spacer




Butterscotch interior in nice shape

Cracked dash covered with Black Dragon hard dash cap

Factory AM/FM radio with power antenna

New armrest

Interior pieces all included except small taillight bulb covers and cardboard covering spare tire wheel

Original key and spare with Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon keychain Very 1973 ;)




Driving around (bear in mind the exhaust is louder now with the mid pipe removed for ground clearance):


Cold idle open header:


The car comes with a clean title though Georgia (where it’s registered) did not always issue new titles for cars over 25 years old at the time of my registration in 2013 so they never gave me a new GA title. The car will come with the clean Tennessee title I have and a bill of sale. The car is perfectly legal and has been registered, tagged, and insured in my name for over 9 years.


Things to do:


New speedo cable (broke when installing carburetors 400 miles ago) Mileage-94k indicated and believed to be accurate and not 194k based on interior condition.

Turn signals don’t work (Probably something small and stupid but it never bothered me given my short stints driving at a time)

Horn button is loose and likes to fall off occasionally. Fastening ring worn.

Additional carburetor fine tuning but drives around fine as you can see in the video

Cosmetics (paint and light bodywork if you’d like or leave it as is)


Given the price of 240Z rolling shells and restored examples, I feel this car is priced fairly given the solid foundation and modifications. I’ve tried to list everything as *openly and honestly* as possible and again I still love this car as evidenced by our long-distance relationship for almost a decade. That could continue and I would still be perfectly happy but if the right buyer comes along that understands what this car is and isn’t, I would be willing to part with her. I've been saving cash for a long time for another dream car and this one I would have near me.




crankwalk (Forum Supporter)
crankwalk (Forum Supporter) GRM+ Memberand SuperDork
4/2/22 3:41 p.m.

Deposit taken. I'll update if anything falls through on 4/29.


Thanks all

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