Jerry Dork
3/13/14 7:07 p.m.

1987 Toyota MR2 for rallycross (and tire trailer)

I bought the car in December 2011, it had been in Florida most of it’s life until ~6 months prior (zero to no rust). The speedometer was not working when I bought it but the seller insisted it had “just broken on the way from FL”. I’ve had the speedometer repaired, the mileage is ~143K if you believe the previous owner…

Hardtop and 5 speed manual transmission, the interior has been partially stripped for racing, mostly carpet and headliner. Dash is intact and functional, all electronics work. As mentioned there is little to no rust, the body is straight except one rear corner where it looks like someone bumped something. The paint is ok, not great but not terrible. I cleaned it up a bit in my garage but it will not win a concours show.

I put a good deal of work into the car, and have receipts for almost everything. New exhaust with header, new springs/struts with only one event on them, racing seat and 5 point harness. Replaced the steering column at purchase to correct loose steering so there are 2 keys for the car. I had some rubber bushings replaced with the Prothane ones during the springs/struts where convenient. What wasn’t replaced at that time comes with the car (bought the entire set).

I had a trailer hitch installed and will include a tire trailer with the car, with electrical. I’m also including multiple tires including the street wheels on it now, a full set of 14” rally tires mounted & 3 spares, 6 OEM MR2 wheels ready for tires, and a set of OEM MR2 wheels painted white and racing slicks mounted on them. I bought them on a lark from craigslist while searching for MR2 wheels, thinking I’d try autocross or a PDX sometime.

Partial parts list: Corbeau racing seat & bracket, RJS Racing Equipment 5 point harness, Sunpro Super Tach III, Grant steering wheel, OBX Racing Sports R carbon fiber shift handle, K&N Intake, TRD oil cap, NGK spark plugs & wires, Aeroperformance fuel pressure regulator (not currently connected), KBD header, Vibrant Performance muffler, Eibach springs, KYB struts, Prothane bushings. New ball joints, starter, distributor, module, TPS, plugs, wires.

Tires include Kumho R700 & Hankook Ventura rally tires on VW/MR2 wheels, Goodyear GSC racing slicks on MR2 wheels, and Falken Ziex street tires on nice wheels. I have some spare/removed parts that can go with the car if you want them. Mostly interior parts, extra headlight relay, old steering column and two OEM steering wheels, original driver seat and seatbelt, etc.

I just bought a Fiat 500 Abarth for daily driving, and a Subaru Impreza RS for rallycross Stock AWD class. Time to move on and reclaim garage space and $ for my savings account. There’s been an intermittent hesitation at highway speeds that I’ve narrowed down over time with repairs including a new TPS, it’s better than it was at purchase, and someone with more knowledge and time than myself can probably finish it. It’s never left me stranded, and it’s fine in town and racing, just annoying at times while traveling 1-2hrs from home to events. (Also the reason I’m including the fuel pressure regulator that isn’t connected. It’s physically mounted in the car & used for a time, but we reconnected the OEM regulator recently.)

Dyno’d after the exhaust was installed at 120HP and a link to the video here: Youtube

Price $4000 firm for everything listed. (I added up the receipts, this is way cheaper.)

(After some advice I've lowered the price. If it doesn't sell for this I'll just keep it for fun.)

Jerry Dork
3/14/14 7:05 a.m.

(Maybe shoulda mentioned it's in Dayton OH)

3/14/14 7:09 a.m.

I spend all berkeleying winter prepping a car, then you list this in the spring? I miss my AW11...

For those interested, these make great rallycrossers and are becoming increasingly rare due to most of them rusting away.

Jerry Dork
3/14/14 8:03 a.m.

In reply to NONACK:

I was hoping to catch people before the seasons started, had to see if the Abarth came to be & the Subaru kept going (put a major repair into it 2 weeks after purchase in December.)

Minimal to no rust, and hardtop. Throw in the trailer, wheels, all the upgrades, this is a turn-key ModifiedRear wheel drive setup ready to go!

Jerry Dork
3/28/14 8:56 a.m.

After some advice I've lowered the price to $4000. If it doesn't sell for this I'll just keep it for fun.

Jerry Dork
7/3/14 7:11 a.m.


After local interests went cold, decided to try more national advertising. Here's the link with 24 detail photos as well. I've never sold anything this expensive on eBay so here goes nothing. Trying to avoid craigslist if at all possible... (I forgot I had coveted new C Pillar trim!)

bluej GRM+ Memberand SuperDork
7/22/14 4:41 p.m.

Jerry, are you willing to part with a set of rally tires (w/ or w/out wheels) separately?

Jerry SuperDork
7/22/14 8:40 p.m.

In reply to bluej:

Sorry, just sold the whole deal tonight, tires and all.

bluej GRM+ Memberand SuperDork
7/22/14 9:48 p.m.

hah, well congrats!

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