turboswede MegaDork
5/11/15 10:19 p.m.

Reader's Ride:




Info on the 88 Turbo S from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_944#944_Turbo_.28951.2F952.29):

In 1988, Porsche introduced the Turbo S. The 944 Turbo S had a more powerful engine (designation number M44/52) with 247 hp (184 kW) and 258 lb·ft (350 N·m) torque (standard 944 Turbo 217 hp (162 kW) and 243 lb·ft (329 N·m)). This higher output was achieved by using a larger K26-8 turbine housing and revised engine mapping which allowed maintaining maximum boost until 5800 rpm as compared to the standard 944 Turbo the boost would decrease from 1.75 bar (175 kPa; 25.4 psi) at 3000 rpm to 1.52 bar (152 kPa; 22.0 psi) at 5800 rpm. In June 1988, Car and Driver tested the 944 Turbo S (with the advantage of shorter final drive gear) and achieved a 0-60 mph (97 km/h) time of 5.5 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 13.9 seconds at 101 mph (163 km/h). Top speed was factory rated at 162 mph (261 km/h).

The 944 Turbo S's suspension was the then state-of-the-art "M030" option consisting of Koni adjustable shocks front and rear, with ride height adjusting threaded collars on the front struts, progressive rate springs, larger hollow rear anti-roll/torsion bars, harder durometer suspension bushings throughout, larger 26.8 mm (1.055 in) hollow anti-roll/torsion bars at the front, and chassis stiffening brackets in the front frame rails. The air conditioning dryer lines are routed differently so as to clear the front frame brace on the driver's side. The 944 Turbo S wheels, known as the Club Sport design, were 16-inch Fuch forged and flat-dished, similar to the Design 90 wheel. Wheel widths were 7 inches (178 mm) in the front, and 9 inches (229 mm) in the rear with 52 mm (2.047 in) offset; sizes of the Z-rated tires were 225/50 in the front and 245/45 in the rear. The front and rear fender edges were rolled to accommodate the larger wheels. The manual transmission (case code designation: AOR) featured a higher friction clutch disc setup, and an external cooler, and also featured a limited slip differential with a 40% lockup setting. The Turbo S front brakes were borrowed from the Porsche 928 S4, with larger Brembo GT 4-piston fixed calipers and 12" inch discs; rear Brembo brakes remained the same as a standard Turbo. ABS also came standard.

The 944 Turbo S interior featured full power seats for both driver and passenger, where the majority of the factory-built Turbo S models sported a "Burgundy plaid" (Silver Rose edition) but other interior/exterior colors were available. A 10-speaker sound system and equalizer + amp was a common option with the Turbo S and S/SE prototypes.

Basic run down:

1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S (Silver Rose)

Wolf3D EFI system with J&S Knocksafe (tuned for 16psi on premium fuel, tunable via laptop, cable and software included)

B&B Header

SFR 60mm BallBearing Turbo (recently rebuilt)

3" Stainless downpipe (ceramic coated)

4" Lindsey Racing stainless cat-back

custom oil cooler w/new lines

Custom aluminum intake piping (larger diameter)

Ceramic coated intake manifold

Aluminum flywheel

Spec Stage II clutch

M030 sway bars

M030 Koni shocks and struts

400lb/in 2.5" diameter front springs

Polyurethane front suspension bushings

Polyurethane steering rack bushings

944only short shift linkage

Custom shifter

944 S2 transaxle (better gearing)

Polyurethane filled transaxle mount

Braided Stainless steel brake lines

996 18" wheels


Stock hood, factory tool kit, air pump and some various spare parts.

Recent repairs:

Head was pressure tested, cleaned and painted

Headgasket and FOES (113K)

Underhood Coolant hoses replaced

New oil cooler lines and resealed oil filter housing

Rebuilt power steering pump and rack w/new reservoir

Tie-rod ends and balljoints

968 caster blocks

Front wheel bearings

Pads and rotors (OEM spec)

Rebuilt CV Joints

Clutch slave and master w/new cloth covered line

Sunroof gears

Rebuilt power window switches and new motors

Cleaned and greased window mechanisms

SD-Card/USB/Stereo unit install

Rear subwoofer and amp

Custom Cell-phone mount/gauge mount for boost gauge

Repairs needed:

Passenger seat adjustment stuck

Driver's seat bolster and seat bottom fraying and will need repair

Door speakers beginning to fail

Transaxle lost 2nd gear syncro, need to double clutch to use it

Lindsey Racing fuel rail needs lines, FPR and fittings to install

PM, email, text or call me for details:

emails: Swedeis AT gmail

Celly: five oh three nine one three one oh one three

Mezzanine Reader
5/11/15 11:19 p.m.

Oh dear. This is a very tempting price...and I just happen to be staying at Hotel Deluxe in Portland for the next three days for work. I must be strong. Must...resist...

turboswede MegaDork
5/11/15 11:47 p.m.
Mezzanine wrote: Oh dear. This is a *very* tempting price...and I just happen to be staying at Hotel Deluxe in Portland for the next three days for work. I must be strong. Must...resist...

Should I start doing drive-by's until you give in? :)

markwemple HalfDork
5/12/15 9:34 a.m.

FWIW, those are 996 wheels. They were one of the 18" options for the later 996. I know, because my car cam from the factory with them. That said, they are the lightest 18' wheel Porsche made and one of the strongest. A great wheel. GLWTS. Kinda wish I had the $$ for it (except I'm not feeling those hood vents).

turboswede MegaDork
5/12/15 9:39 a.m.

In reply to markwemple:

Thanks, I wasn't sure where the wheels were from since I traded the Turbo Twists for them.

Stock uncut hood comes with the car and I'm flexible on the price for a GRM'er who would give it a good home (and use it!)

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