stinkycheezmonky New Reader
10/12/14 6:35 p.m.

'94 Miata for sale, black on tan "C-package" I think (Torsen, PW, leather), ~180,000 miles. Asking $5500 OBO (not sure how out of line this is honestly), located in Winchester, VA. I'm open to trades for more practical but still fun things too, as that's the end-goal here.

I've used Shell Rotella T6 in it for the time of my ownership. Some of my adventures have been chronicled here (radiator replacement and such). I. LOVE. THIS CAR. If I didn't have to travel into Pittsburgh with my dogs so much I absolutely would not be selling it. That being said, if something magical happens and I can pull off owning this and another practical car I will be keeping it. Car is currently rolling on stock wheels painted black with nice snow tires. I like to give honest descriptions of stuff, so here it is:

Nifty bits: -Harddog M1 single-diagonal rollbar -Koni Yellows with stock springs -Racing Beat solid front sway bar -Chaparral 15x7 silver wheels with Falken all-seasons; 3 tires have a little more life left, 1 is junk (big puncture); 1 wheel has a very minor curb rash on the lip -Black hardtop with defrost -Basic Pioneer headunit with USB capability - this uses the newer NA "tombstone" and DIN pocket -Voodoo weighted shift knob -Tow hitch, unsure which model (not the "hidden" kind) -Side-mount Garagestar front license plate mount -Spare set of ratty cloth seats that have been foamectomied

Recently replaced parts: -Radiator -Timing belt -Water pump -Headgasket -CAS O-ring...though this either needs to be done again or isn't seated right -Front crank seal -Rotors all around -Pads all around - Stoptech Streets -Rear calipers -Gauge hood -Some (but not all) coolant hoses

The bad: -Various scratches, minor dings mostly on the hood and trunk -Front bumper has seen prettier days, but isn't cracked -Front lip has a crack thanks to my fiancee` tagging a curb while parking -Paint is flaking off on small spot of passenger side rear quarter area, behind the door and in front of the rear wheel -One small rust spot forming on driver's side rear wheel lip -Hardtop has a few chips in the edges and the weatherstripping is coming off the rear window. No leaks though, so I've just dealt with how it looks. I think the chassis wiring for the defrost is messed up also, as it rear defrost wouldn't work on this car but did on the last Miata I had (this top is from my previous Miata). -Softtop is tan and from another '94. Two small splits on the each side that I patched with Gorilla tape and have held up. Stains at bottom where it meets the body, I think from sitting with leaves and junk on it before I got it. Biggest issue: I cut out plastic for a new window and glued it in. The glue did not hold though, and the window will need to be stitched in. I haven't had time to do it, so just leave the hardtop on. -The original tan leather seats are in ok shape, but have small cuts in the bottom cushion. -Driver's side window goes down slow. Not sure if it's the weather stripping or motor, as it goes up just fine and goes down better when the window is wet.

I'll add things as I think of/remember them. Only pic I have currently, but I'll be taking more after I clean it up some:

stinkycheezmonky New Reader
10/12/14 6:37 p.m.

Whoop, forgot to add this: best way to contact me is email.

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