BobOfTheFuture Dork
9/26/16 5:21 p.m.

Hey GRM, I have this for sale:

Truxsport bed cover/tonneau PN# 281601 For 1999 - 2007 GM Full Size Classic 8.0 Bed

This is the roll-up type with the neat Velcro. I bought this for my tow vehicle new in March. It lasted 2 months before the truck was destroyed by a drunk.

There is a dent in the rail and a small hole in the cover itself from the accident, other than that it looks like a quality cover that was on a vehicle for 2 months then was stored inside.

It would probably be pretty easy to stich that hole closed and this thing would be g2g. Don't stich it and it will still be ok to use.

The dent on the rail is on the top and doesn't effect the seal or mounting. They aren't pictured, but I have all the mounting hardware.

$100 obo Local pickup preferred, the part is located in West Babylon, NY

BobOfTheFuture Dork
9/26/16 5:28 p.m.

According to Fuelly, In the 3 fill-ups I got to enjoy before the Doomed truck was destroyed, I gained about .4 of an MPG average. Pretty sweet!

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