fusion66 Reader
10/9/20 7:16 a.m.

I went and looked at this last night. Pretty rough. Needs rear apron patch panel and maybe lower rear quarter patch as well. Passenger side A pillar needs some love. Looks like a 1200 engine - dual carb. They don't know exactly what they have as it was from a great uncles estate. He bought it and it has sat for 30+ years. It sounds like the sellers mother is the estate executor so maybe a long path to getting a title if desired. I didn't even try to turn the engine over by hand. No shortage of mice/rat nest. Was in a barn that was falling down and moved to a decent garage that they are planning to tear down soon to start construction on a new home.  The "kid" (30's) who advertised it and his dad both knew very little about the car but seemed like nice guys just trying to get it out of the way. It is listed as a 1961 but I think it is newer than that. It does have a 1971 parking sticker on it from a college in Kentucky. I left with the impression that they would take less...likely much less. If anyone is interested I can try to answer questions. Grill is in the car and in good shape, no real bumpers were with it. 


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