Steve Reader
4/3/24 12:19 p.m.

Purchased this classy machine last fall, have since lost my highway commute (not a bad thing!), and have found myself with less and less time to just go out and enjoy the car (have been driving my 100 series to have more space for the kids and their things).

No complaints from this car, it's everything I expected and imagined it to be based on the previous owner and my expectations of owning one. I wanted one for a long time, it is just painfully apparent that it is not the best choice for the family at this time and realistically, if it's not on the highway, it isn't offsetting the fuel use of the 100 series nearly enough. 

Here is the FB ad:

Click Me

Basically, I'm looking to sell, or swap for some sort of appliance so I can focus on the kids, camping, riding bikes, and house projects. Prius, Mazda5, Subaru, Fit maybe though they are pretty small. It pains me to say it, but I'll be back, this manual/V8 combo is damn addictive!

Car is located in Bellingham, Washington. We have an airport, and we're also about 1.5 hours from Seattle on a good day, there is a shuttle service to the city from the Seattle airport as well. I would have no concerns about a potential buyer doing a fly and drive with appropriate BMW knowledge. 

The car is insured with Hagerty $7500 agreed value coverage, so I'll continue to drive it on occasion (tomorrow my Son and I are blasting down to Tacoma to the LeMay museum for their Shinka exhibit for example). But the miles will not go up a great deal. And if anything catastrophic happens, it happens. 

It's not a fire sale, insurance is inexpensive, and maintenance needs are minimal for a car that sees as little use as this one. This is my short way of saying I don't really plan, or hope, to give it away. But, a replacement can't exist without this one being sold (strict 3 car rule in our house unfortunately), so I'm hoping it can go to someone who can enjoy it. Head over to the FB ad for the details, but here are a few photos!


Steve Reader
4/5/24 10:22 a.m.

Price reduction, $6750 or some combination or utilitarian trade up or down!

Region_Rat New Reader
4/5/24 2:02 p.m.

I wish you were closer, those are great cars and yours looks to be very nice.  GLWS.

Steve Reader
4/20/24 1:27 p.m.

Growing weary of people on FB offering me all sorts of combinations of firearms on trade for this thing, I've pulled the listing and will hope to sell to an enthusiast. 

I can't leave well enough alone, so I'd like to move this along to someone who can enjoy it more regularly while I "hang it up" for a bit on the car habit. Raising my awesome kids and riding awesome trails is taking up all of my time these days! Not to mention I can't help myself from shopping for stuff I don't need for this thing due to the abundance of aftermarket!

Here is a link to the full album

Feel free to reach out via email: and we can trade contact numbers, etc. 

At this point, I'm putting an "asking" price of 6,000 on it, or equivalent trade meeting my needs. 

No surprises, no issues, just get in and drive it.

Here is the original ad copy:

A well sorted, daily driver capable example of one of the legendary E39 engine and transmission combinations. Needs nothing but a driver. Only selling or trading to put something with more space/utility and/or better fuel mileage in the stable to offset my LX470 a bit. It's too nice of a car to be subjected to only daycare and school drop offs, I purchased it to make my work commute a whole lot more fun, which it did! But I work remote now and can't justify another V8 in the house!

Sport package
Staggered, 17" style 32 wheels
LATCH anchor system for car seat bases (was important for me)
209k well maintained West Coast miles
Timing chains/guides done at 150k
Auto climate controls work perfect (heat/AC)
Fully functioning moonroof with no leaks
Folder of maintenance records
New rear tires within the last few thousand miles
All weather floormats and trunk mat
Full shifter rebuild with an updated BMW shift lever (shorter throw)
Trans/Diff/Engine oil change
HID, auto adjusting headlights rebuilt (adjusters, lenses, both common issues)
Heater valve and aux heat pump repaired internally (common issue)
Bluebus Bluetooth box (allows bluetooth connectivity through the BMW headunit, it's awesome)
All windows and electronics function as they should
Full set of Nokian snow tires on OEM BMW wheels go with
Entirely stock driveline, engine, etc.
Clean rocker panels, jack points, etc. It is a West Coast car so there is no rust, happy to send you the VIN to confirm on your own
18 MPG mixed city/highway, 25-28 MPG highway
3 keys
Owners manual
Complete spare and tool kit
Custom mixed touch up paint

Nothing to hide here, ask my any questions you'd like. Some wear from being used how it should have been for the last 22 years, but it is much better than most cosmetically, and is perfect mechanically. It is quieter than my LX470, more fun to drive, and is built like the German vault that it is. No squeaks or rattles anywhere. The doors and trunk close as if the car came off the assembly line last week. Honestly, it's incredible. This is not some basket case E39 that will require a laundry list of parts or work. Get it in and drive wherever you want to go, and have fun doing it!

Available for sale, or trade (think utility, Mazda5, Prius, Subaru Wagons, etc.).

Here is the build sheet:

Prod. Date 2002-01-23

Type 540I
Series E39 (5 Series)
Body Type Sedan
Steering -
Engine M62/TU
Displacement 4.398
Power 210kw / 286hp
Drive rwd
Colour toledo-blau metallic
Upholstery Leather Montana/basic equip/grau

Editions And Packages
S704 M Sports Suspension
S710 M Sports Steering Wheel, Multifunction
S785 White Direction Indicator Lights

Comfort And Interior Equipment
S403 Glass Roof, Electrical
S431 Interior Mirror With Automatic-Dip
S438 Fine Wood Trim
S441 Smoker Package
S459 Seat Adjustment, Electric, With Memory
S470 Isofix-System
S473 Armrest Front
S481 Sports Seat
S494 Seat Heating Driver/Passenger

S640 Preparation F Tel.Installation Universal
S645 BMW US Radio
S650 CD Drive
S661 Radio BMW Business (C43)
S677 HiFi System Professional DSP
S694 Provisions For BMW 6 CD Changer

Driver Assistance And Lightning
S500 Headl.Washer System/Intensive Cleaning
S520 Fog Lights
S521 Rain Sensor
S522 Xenon Light
S534 Automatic Air Conditioning
S555 On-Board Computer V With Remote Control

Wheels And Drive
S210 Dynamic Stability Control
S249 Multifunction F Steering Wheel
S299 BMW LA Wheels With Mixed Tyres

Environment And Safety
S302 Alarm System
S319 Integrated Universal Remote Control
S354 Windscreen, Green-Tinted Upper Strip
S818 Battery Master Switch
S845 Acoustic Fasten Seat Belt Reminder
S850 Dummy-SALAPA
S853 Language Version, English
S876 Radio Frequency 315 MHz

Individual Equipment
S760 High Gloss Shadow Line

Other Equipment
S925 Dummy-SALAPA
S992 Control Of Number-Plate Attachment

akylekoz UltraDork
4/21/24 8:58 a.m.

Holy E36 M3 it has the Dummy Slapper option, very rare, I wish all cars came with a remote model.  
Seriously, GLWS, great car.

Verovert2 New Reader
4/23/24 12:57 p.m.

Good day I have always liked these E39's very happy I was able to find this particular model. I'll look at a couple more on the internet I've been wanting to buy for a long time. 

Verovert2 New Reader
4/23/24 4:18 p.m.

This post has received too many downvotes to be displayed.

rdcyclist GRM+ Memberand HalfDork
4/23/24 4:32 p.m.

Nothing like getting bumped by a canoe. The pointy end can be painful...

Hoondavan Dork
4/24/24 8:54 a.m.

$6k looks like a very fair price.  The fact timing chains have been done should be a big tailwind.  The car looks very well sorted.  A friend of mine had one in the same color years ago & it was a great driving/riding car.  I think these wheels look even better than the M-Pars you typically see on sport package cars.  GLWS.

Rather than posting on genral FB, I'd recommend joing a few E39 and/or BMW-focused groups & posting there. 

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